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12th European Congress of Endocrinology

Prize Lectures and Biographical Notes

The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture

ea0022gh1 | The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture | ECE2010

Transgenes and physiology in the Growth Hormone axis: a view from the portal

Robinson Iain

Neuroendocrine cascades regulate essential processes in integrative physiology, such as growth and metabolism, reproduction, and responses to stress. The pioneering work of Geoffrey Harris showed that the pituitary gland, the major endocrine regulator of these processes, is itself controlled by hypothalamic neurones that secrete their products into the hypophysial portal circulation. Intermingling of pituitary cell types and the complex anatomical distribution of the different...

ea0022gh1biog | The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture | ECE2010

Geoffrey Harris Prize Winner

Robinson Iain

Iain Robinson, UK AbstractThis prestigious prize is intended for established workers in field of basic and clinical neuroendocrinology, and is generously supported by Ipsen. This year's recipient is Professor Iain Robinson. The prize will be presented as part of the ECE 2010 opening ceremony where Professor Robinson will deliver his lecture. Professor robinson will also deliver two other lectures at fut...