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12th European Congress of Endocrinology


Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic intervention

ea0022s23.1 | Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic intervention | ECE2010

Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic: does the choice of diet make any difference?

Mantzoros Christos

Different diets have been used clinically and/or have been rigorously assessed in the context of clinical trials in the past several years. Relative efficacy in terms of weight loss and improvement of cardiovascular outcomes will be presented. In addition, recent data have emerged on the role of leptin in mediating the neuroendocrine response to long-term caloric derivation and will also be presented along with novel data on leptin resistance. Leptin, alone or in combination w...

ea0022s23.2 | Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic intervention | ECE2010

Lifestyle intervention and pharmacological approaches to weight loss

Tomlinson Jeremy

The global epidemic of obesity and its associated complications has hastened the need with which we must understand both the patho-physiological process that contribute to its development, and also the urgency with which we need therapeutic solutions that offer clinically meaningful and sustained weight loss. There is clear evidence as to the beneficial impact of exercise upon health, in particular cardiovascular health, in normal weight and obese individuals as well as those ...

ea0022s23.3 | Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic intervention | ECE2010

Hormonal changes after bariatric surgery

Guldstrand Marie

A better understanding of the endocrine changes following bariatric surgery becomes increasingly important as the prevalence of obesity and obesity-related diseases is rising worldwide. Bariatric surgery is the most effective therapy for severe obesity in terms of weight loss, quality of life improvement, reduction of mortality and morbidity. Gastric procedures for severe obesity can yield dramatic and long-term weight reduction with an average weight loss of two-thirds of exc...