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HOMA index and waist circumference do not correlate with TSH levels in a group of euthyroid adults

Alexander Shinkov , Anna-Maria Borissova , Iliana Atanassova , Roussanka Kovatcheva , Jordan Vlahov & Nina Aslanova


University Hospital of Endocrinology, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship among the indices of insulin resistance (IR), the lipid parameters and thyroid function in euthyroid adults.

Material and methods: Two hundred and sixteen euthyroid adults, mean age 57.08±13.81 years (112 female and 104 male) were included. Serum lipirds, Immunoreactive insulin, glucose, TSH, waist circumference (WC), body height and weight were measured. HOMAi and BMI were calculated.

Results: Mean HOMA was 3.69±6.02, BMI was 29.40±4.99. The major laboratory data are presented in Table 1.

Chol (mmol/l)2163.1610.015.83311.18597
HDL-c (mmol/l)2160.682.271.31920.32394
Tgl (mmol/l)2160.2822.441.96871.92882
TSH (mUI/l)2160.4083.8901.430820.667430

HOMA index, WC, Tgl were significantly higher in the males. In the females HOMA correlated positively with the age (r=0.238, P=0.011), BMI (r=0.288, P=0.002), WC (r=0.280, P=0.003) and Tgl (r=0.375, P<0.001). In the males HOMAi correlated positively with the age (r=0.260, P=0.008), WC (r=0.225, P=0.023) and BMI (r=0.201, P=0.041). HOMA correlated negatively with HDL-c in both genders (r=−286, P=0.002 in females and r=−212, P=0.031 in males). No correlation was found between the TSH and any of the other parameters (all P>0.05). HOMAi and Tgl were higher in the females with increased WC (all P<0.005), but not in the males. TSH did not differ between the groups with normal and increased WC.

Conclusion: In our study we found strong correlations among the indices of IR and the lipids in the euthyroid subjects with some variances between the genders. We did not find however data of an influence of thyroid function on the studied parameters in this group.

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