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Endocrine Abstracts (2010) 22 S1.2

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NECTAR: network for environmental chemical toxicants affecting reproduction

Jorma Toppari

University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

NECTAR ( is a cluster of EU-funded projects set up to investigate the potential impact of chemicals and pollutants on male and female reproductive health. NECTAR is coordinated by Andreas Kortenkamp. It was launched on May 1st 2008 and joins together the REEF (Reproductive Effects of Environmental chemicals in Female, coordinated by Paul Fowler), DEER (Developmental Effects of Environment on Reproduction, coordinated by Jorma Toppari), and CONTAMED (Contaminant mixtures and human reproductive health – novel strategies for health impact and risk assessment of endocrine disrupters, coordinated by Andreas Kortenkamp) projects. A year later, the CLEAR project (Climate Change, Environmental Contaminants and Reproductive Health, coordinated by Jens Peter Bonde) joined the cluster.

The four projects examine endocrine disruptors – chemicals that interfere with normal hormone function. These include both natural and man made substances – such as compounds used in plastics and pesticides, together with heavy metals – to which European citizens are exposed every day. NECTAR has promoted interaction and cooperation between the projects that have already produced important knowledge on trends in reproductive health and associated exposures to environmental chemicals and novel data on mechanisms of action of endocrine disruptors.

Supported by EU Fp7 Environment.

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