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Endocrine Abstracts (2011) 26 P164

Sexual desire in female-to-male transsexual persons

K Wierckx, F Van De Peer, D Dedecker, E Van Caenegem, E Elaut & G T’Sjoen

University Hospital Ghent, Ghent, Belgium.

Objective: The current study aims to describe sexual desire in female-to-male transsexuals post SRS (sex reassignment surgery) using a validated questionnaire. The association between serum androgen levels and the intensity and frequency of sexual desire are examined. The data are compared to those of male-to-female transsexual persons.

Design: Cross sectional study.

Methods: Female-to-male transsexual persons, post SRS, (n=48) completed a questionnaire measuring sexual desire (Sexual Desire Inventory). Also, participants were asked additional questions on current and past sexual desire, frequency of masturbation and sexual intercourse in the past month. Serum levels of testosterone and SHBG were measured on fasting morning serum samples. Data from our previous study on sexual desire in 62 male-to-female transsexual persons using the same validated questionnaire was used as reference population.

Results: In retrospect, the majority of the participants (73.9%) reported an increase in sexual desire after cross sex hormone treatment and SRS. No associations between levels of testosterone and scores of solitary and dyadic sexual desire were found. Solitary sexual desire scores were significantly correlated with frequency of masturbation (r=0.835; P=0.0001), whereas frequency of sexual intercourse with a partner was not correlated with dyadic nor solitary sexual desire (P=0.515; P=0.221). Female-to-male transsexual persons scored significantly higher on sexual desire scores than male-to-female transsexual persons (P=0.0001).

Conclusion: Most female-to-male transsexual persons report on a marked increase of sexual desire after testosterone treatment and SRS. No associations between levels of testosterone and measures of sexual desire were found. Sexual desire is significantly higher compared to male-to-female transsexual persons.

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