Endocrine Abstracts (2011) 26 P313

Envirometal and metabolic risk factors of obesity development in preschool children

L S Viazava1, A V Solntsava2, A V Sukalo2 & E I Dashkevich3

12nd City children clinical hospital, Minsk, Belarus; 2Belarusian state medical university, Minsk, Belarus; 310th City clinical hospital, Minsk, Belarus.

Materials and methods: We investigated 79 normal (1st group) and 99 overweight (2nd group) preschool children. Deficient sport and average physical activity (APA) duration, risen appetite (point-assessment), prolonged television viewing and computer using time in children were considered as risk-factors of juvenile obesity manifestation. Height, weight, waist circumflex (WC) was measured; body mass index (BMI) was calculated. Serum leptin levels were detected by immunoenzyme method. Groups also were divided according sex. Statistical analysis was performed by using ANOVA and Hi-square criteria, Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) (P=0.05).

Results: Deficient sport (P=0.02) and APA (P=0.01) duration, increase appetite (2.8±1.8 points in girls and 3.3±1.1 – in boys from the 2nd group as compared to the 1st one – 0.2±0.7 and 0.2±0.5 respectively (P=0.001); r=0.7 between risen appetite and BMI (P=0.0001), r=0.8 between risen appetite and WC (P=0.0001)) were noted in children from 2nd group. Prolonged television viewing and computer using were found in overweight girls (34.7±22.5 and 62.1±47.9 min per day in 1st and 2nd groups appropriately (P=0.006)).

We ascertained correlations between leptin level and BMI r=0.77 (P=0.0001), leptin concentration and WC r=0.59 (P=0.001). Leptinemia also correlated with low intensive physical activity duration (r=0.74; P=0.04), including TV viewing and computer using time r=0.59 (P=0.004).

Conclusions: Deficient sport, APA duration, risen appetite are environmental risk-factors of early obesity manifestation in preschool children. We revealed positive correlations between leptin concentration and BMI, WC, low intensive physical activity duration, including TV viewing and computer using time in preschoolers.

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