Endocrine Abstracts (2011) 26 P91

Detection and exploring the left shift kurtosis of the fertile window in ovulatory cycles by biophysical biomarkers of the cervical secretion: case report

Jose María Murcia Lora & María Luisa Esparza Encina

Clinical Consulting G&E, Logroño La Rioja, Spain.

Introduction: The main purpose of this case is to present a case in which the left kurtosis interval of the fertile phase curve, may be evaluated by cheeking the biophysical changing pattern of reproducible methods of viscoelasticity and transparency of the cervical secretion.

Case report: This case report included a 24 years old woman who plots a curve in which integrates two biomarkers in relation to the fertile window at the follicular phase. It was recording the evolution of biophysical parameters of the cervical secretion when approaching to the fertile window. Filancia is quantified by measuring the distance in cm of cervical secretion and transparency in tree degrees of density. Biomarkers are located within the window of fertility in relation to the maximum peak day of filancia plotted on the chart. The fertile window was detected with the threshold level of urinary oestrone-3-glucuronide (E3G). It was identify the ovulation day (EDO) by test of LH post peak.

Results: The fertile window was 10 days estimated by cervical mucus, 4 days longer than the monitor E3G, in which the length of the fertile period was 6 days. It was possible to detect the cervical mucus evolution of 4 days at the left kurtosis of the 6-day fertile period of the fertile window when it used biophysical parameters of the cervical secretion.

Conclusion: The objective evaluation help to check better the changing pattern of the left kurtosis of the fertile window by cervical secretion, and detect better the time shift of this left kurtosis of the fertile window. Integrating the different biomarkers parameters may identify better the left changing patterns of the fertile window when it used cervical secretion.

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