Endocrine Abstracts (2011) 27 P62

Care of newly diagnosed children with diabetes: survey of general practitioners

Deepak Choudhary & Juliana Chizo Agwu

Sandwell General Hospital, West Midlands, UK.

In the UK, over 95% of children age 0–16 years presenting with diabetes have type 1 diabetes. Up to 25% of these present with DKA. Many present initially to GPs and it is important that children with symptoms of diabetes are referred urgently to Paediatric Diabetes Team.

Aim: We carried out a survey of the current practise of GP’s when they suspect DM in a young person. The aim was to investigate whether they recognised the need for urgent referral to Paediatric Diabetes Team (PDT).

Method: Three hundred local GP’s were asked to complete a Questionnaire indicating what actions they would take when faced with a well 11-year-old with typical symptoms of DM and point of care blood glucose was more than 11.1 mmol/l. Statistical analysis was made by MINITAB 15. χ2 was used to examine factors that affected choices made by the GP’s.

Results: 37% (111/300) replied. Of these 34.5% would have taken an action that would have led to delay in both referral to PDT and delay in initiation of appropriate therapy. There were no statistical difference between those who had declared a special interest in adult DM or had been involved in the care of newly diagnosed child with DM in the actions they would take (P=0.9 and P=0.84 respectively). 23.6% of GP’s felt that childhood DM should be managed by themselves in Primary care. This again had no relation as to whether they would have referred in a timely manner or not (P=0.35). A third of our local GP’s actions would result in delayed referral and therefore risk of DKA. There is a need to increase awareness amongst GPs about need to act urgently when a child is suspected to have diabetes mellitus.

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