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15th International & 14th European Congress of Endocrinology


Absolute fracture risk assessment with FRAX

ea0029s3.2 | Absolute fracture risk assessment with FRAX | ICEECE2012

Use of FRAX in Asian populations

Koh L.

Asia occupies 30% of the world’s landmass and contains 60% of the world’s population encompassing a wide diversity of people and demographics. It has been estimated that by 2050, half of all hip fractures in women >65 years of age will occur in Asia. Hip fracture incidence rates among women vary widely in Asian populations, from as low as 100 up to 500 per 100 000. Within the space of 1 to 3 decades in several countries, hip fracture incidence rates have risen dr...

ea0029s3.3 | Absolute fracture risk assessment with FRAX | ICEECE2012

Beyond FRAXÒ

Eisman John A.

The FRAXÒ algorithm represented a major step forward in absolute fracture risk assessment. It took advantage of globally derived information to predict fracture risk that used that as the basis for rational treatment recommendations for a large proportion of the international community. The extrapolation of FRAXÒ to different regional and geographic criteria has been based on two sets of data that can be obtained with relatively high accuracy; these being regional ag...