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15th International & 14th European Congress of Endocrinology


Hormonal control of pregnancy

ea0029s17.1 | Hormonal control of pregnancy | ICEECE2012

Hormone signalling between mother and fetus

Reynolds R.

The developing fetus adapts to an adverse in utero environment, and is ‘programmed’ to an increased risk of developing disease in later life. Fetal growth is regulated via a complex interplay between mother, placenta and fetus. Maternal nutrients, transported via the placenta, are essential for fetal growth. Conversely, the placenta may also respond to fetal endocrine signals to regulate maternal metabolism. The placenta also regulates fetal growth via production and...

ea0029s17.2 | Hormonal control of pregnancy | ICEECE2012

What controls labour in humans?

Smith R.

In most mammals the onset of labour is regulated by an abrupt fall in circulating progesterone concentrations or a rise in circulating oestrogens. In humans, however, no dramatic change is observed in circulating steroid concentrations prior to labour and the mechanisms regulating the onset of labour have remained obscure. In a series of studies we have shown that placental production of the peptide hormone CRH increases exponentially across gestation peaking at the time of la...

ea0029s17.3 | Hormonal control of pregnancy | ICEECE2012

Placental hormones as putative markers of gestational diseases

Voltolini C. , Torricelli M. , Bocchi C. , De Bonis M. , Severi F. , Petraglia F.

Preterm delivery (PTD) and preeclampsia (PE) are ‘obstetric syndromes’, characterized by complex pathogenesis and representing major causes of perinatal mortality and morbidity. Although therapeutical treatment have been developed, their incidence is not reducing. Prevention aims to preclude development of disease by eliminating/reducing risk in women with known risk factors.The feto-placental unit produces hormonal/neuronal/immune factors, cru...