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15th International & 14th European Congress of Endocrinology


New developments in pituitary adenomas

ea0029s30.1 | New developments in pituitary adenomas | ICEECE2012

Symposium 30: new developments in pituitary adenoma cytokines and other new genes in pituitary adenomas

Arzt E.

With the aim of identifying genes involved in the development of pituitary tumors, we used the mRNA differential display technique comparing tumor and normal pituitary cells. Two genes have been identified to be involved in pathogenesis process: in prolactinomas obtained from Dopamine D2R knockout female mice, we have found differential expression of the cytokine BPMP-4 and in clones of the tumoral lactosomatroph cell line GH3 cell line overexpressing the cytokine IL6 signal t...

ea0029s30.2 | New developments in pituitary adenomas | ICEECE2012

‘Dopastatin’: an evolving story

Brue T.

Somatostatin receptors (sstr1–5) and dopamine receptor 2 (D2DR) are expressed and co-localized in several endocrine tumors including pituitary adenomas that express both D2DR and various subtypes of somatostatin receptors, depending on the original cell type. Treatment of pituitary adenomas using somatostatin or dopamine analogs targets only one receptor (octreotide/lanreotide mainly sst2, cabergoline D2DR). Association of octreotide and cabergoline showed limited additiv...

ea0029s30.3 | New developments in pituitary adenomas | ICEECE2012

The use of temozolomide in pituitary tumours

McCormack A. , Clifton-Bligh R.

The management of aggressive pituitary tumours is challenging. These tumours are typically resistant to standard medical therapy and progressive tumour growth occurs despite multiple operations and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy has been reserved as salvage therapy, although historically results are often disappointing. However temozolomide, an oral alkylating agent, has recently demonstrated significant activity against these tumours. Over the past 6 years, growing international ...