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15th International & 14th European Congress of Endocrinology


Thyroid: From fetal life to adulthood

ea0029s10.1 | Thyroid: From fetal life to adulthood | ICEECE2012

Placental transport of thyroid hormone

Franklyn J. , Chan S. , Vasilopolou E. , Kilby M.

The transplacental passage of thyroid hormones (TH) from the maternal to fetal circulations is important for normal fetal development, particularly the fetal central nervous system. This is particularly so before the onset of endogenous fetal TH production from the second trimester of pregnancy. The human hemochorial placenta regulates the quantity of TH passing through and the complement of the different forms of TH to ensure requisite levels are present in the fetus for each...

ea0029s10.3 | Thyroid: From fetal life to adulthood | ICEECE2012

Thyroid hormones and fetal neurological development

Li M.

The importance of thyroid hormones in neurological development has been well documented in both animals and humans. Thyroid hormones deficit during fetal development can have irreversible adverse effects on an individual’s neurological function; including mental retardation, deafness, and spasticity. The only source of thyroid hormones for the developing brain in early pregnancy is from the mother. There is a growing body of epidemiological and experimental evidence to su...