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15th European Congress of Endocrinology

ea0032n1 | (1) | ECE2013

Pegvisomant home care program is likely to improve treatment compliance leading to rapid IGF1 control

Rutten Els , Husein Dashty , Abrams Pascale , Winne Linsey , Feyen Els , T'Sjoen Guy

Background: Pegvisomant has demonstrated efficacy in attaining IGF1 normalisation in previously uncontrolled acromegalic patients. Improper or less than prescibed use may lead to suboptimal control.Aim: Evaluation of home educational program.Methods: Multicenter Flemish study in seven non-controlled acromegalic outpatients. All patients were trained for daily s.c. pegvisomant injection at home by one single specialist nurse during ...

ea0032n2 | (1) | ECE2013

Psychiatric morbidity in pediatric patients after surgical remission of Cushing’s disease: case presentations

Keil Margaret , Ryder Celia , Stratakis Constantine

Context: Endogenous CushingÂ’s syndrome (CS) may have different effects in children than what has been described in adults. Prior studies of children and adolescents with CS have identified cognitive decline despite reversal of brain atrophy after remission of CS, as well as residual impairment in quality of life measures. Although the observations of parents of children and adolescents with CS support personality changes, significant psychopathology has not been described...

ea0032n3 | (1) | ECE2013

Living in the shadow and light: Iranian youths’ response to diabetes-related stigma

Abdoli Samereh , Doosti Irani Mehri , Parvizy Sorror , Seied Fatemi Naeimeh , Amini Masood , Iraj Bijan

Introduction: Diabetes is one of the most acceptable chronic diseases. However, diabetes-related stigma is proposed as an important and striking phenomenon in many countries especially in Asian countries such as Iran. This study aimed to explore the responses of Iranian young people with type 1 diabetes to the diabetes-related stigma.Methods: Conventional qualitative content analysis approach guided this inquiry. Volunteered people with type 1 diabetes w...

ea0032n4 | (1) | ECE2013

Nurse led telephone clinic: antenatal hypothyroidism

Goedhart Claire

Background: Hypothyroidism is characterised by insufficient secretion of the thyroid and its detection measured by elevated serum TSH levels.Although relatively common during pregnancy, untreated maternal hypothyroidism is associated with adverse obstetric and neonatal outcomes such as preeclampsia, placental abruption and miscarriage, or foetal neurodevelopment defects.Highlighting a nurse led specialised telephone clinic in the c...

ea0032n5 | (1) | ECE2013

Assessing treatment satisfaction, knowledge and adherence of patients attending a pituitary Nurse-led Clinic

Llahana Sofia

Background and aim: Polypharmacy is characteristic of endocrine conditions and patients who are satisfied and knowledgeable of their treatment have better outcomes. The aim of this study was to measure treatment satisfaction, knowledge and adherence in patients with a pituitary condition attending a Nurse-led Clinic.Methods, sample and data collection: Data were collected using a postal survey between January and March 2010 and included a total of 262 pa...