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15th European Congress of Endocrinology

Prize Lectures and Biographical Notes

The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture

ea0032gh1 | The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture | ECE2013

Speakers, cross-talk and chatter in reproductive neuroendocrinology

Clarke Iain

The brain controls reproduction through the secretion of GnRH, but a series of higher brain centres control the secretion of GnRH into the hypophysial portal system. Whereas GnRH might be considered the ‘speaker’ for the brain in the reproductive axis, there is significant ‘cross-talk and chatter’ relating to the higher brain centres of control. Most prominently, kisspeptin mediates the feedback effect of sex steroids on GnRH cells, which may be effected at...

ea0032gh1biog | The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture | ECE2013

The Geoffrey Harris Prize Winner

Clarke Iain

Professor Clarke graduated from Massey University, New Zealand (B. Agric. Sci., 1971) followed by M. Agric. Sci. (1st Class) in reproductive physiology in 1973). He then obtained his PhD at Edinburgh University, Scotland in 1976, studying endocrinology and behaviour. He has since moved to Australia and became Senior Research Fellow of NHMRC in 1986, rising to Principal Research Fellow in 1991. He became Chairman, D...