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15th European Congress of Endocrinology


Multi-centre pituitary studies

ea0032s21.1 | Multi-centre pituitary studies | ECE2013

New classification of pituitary tumours based on the hypopronos database

Raverot Gerald

Pituitary endocrine tumours are currently classified by histological, immunocytochemical and numerous ultrastructural characteristics but without prognostic clinical correlations. We investigated the prognostic value of a new clinicopathological classification with grades based on invasion and proliferation, the components of tumour behaviour.This retrospective multicentric caseĀ–control study comprised 410 patients who had surgery for a pituitary tu...

ea0032s21.2 | Multi-centre pituitary studies | ECE2013

Lessons from the Liège Acromegaly Survey (LAS)

Petrossians Patrick , Zacharieva Sabina , Chanson Philippe , Neggers Sebastian , Brue Thierry , Colao Annamaria , Hulting Anna-Lena , Delemer Brigitte , Hana Vaclav , Stalla Gunter , Minuto Francesco , Jaffrain-Rea Marie-Lise , Carvalho Davide , Montanana Carmen Fajardo , Beckers Albert

The Liège Acromegaly Survey is a cross-sectional study on acromegalic patients, developed as an in-house tool in Liège, then extended to other Europeans participating centers. The database differentiates itself from national and multinational registries by adopting a goal oriented approach and it was conceived following a list of open questions on acromegaly. After an initial test run in Liège, the database installation started on mid-March 2010. Thirteen other ...

ea0032s21.3 | Multi-centre pituitary studies | ECE2013

Lessons from the European Cushing’s registry (ERCUSYN)

Susan Webb

ERCUSYN owned by ESE, was set up in 2007 with European funding for 3 years. Sustainability has been achieved by agreements with pharma, and generous support from funding partners and Lohmann and Birkner GmBH, who established and maintained the on-line registry and web ( brochures for patients and physicians are available in different languages, as well as details on >50 participating centres ...