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Society for Endocrinology BES 2014

Young Endocrinologists Session

Establishing successful collaborations

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How do I talk to a bioinformatician/mathematician/engineer?

McArdle Craig

As we learn more and more about the complexity of biological systems there is a real risk of being drowned in data but starved of information. This is increasingly recognised by grant funders and is certainly true of the signal transduction field where the complexity of signaling networks makes our traditional intuitive approaches look increasingly inadequate. For my own work on GnRH signaling, one solution has been to collaborate with mathematicians and engineers. Success in ...

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Biobanking: what is it, and how could it be beneficial to me?

Tobias Jon

A biobank is a repository that stores biological samples (usually human) for research. Samples comprise a range of tissues, of which the most common are blood samples. The latter are often separated into different constituents such as serum, DNA and RNA extracts at the time of initial collection. Cell lines can also be generated, thereby perpetuating material for DNA and related analyses. Generally, biological samples are stored in biobanks as part of a protocol pertaining to ...

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Peer-to-peer collaborations: importance of YE groups

Chapman Karen

The value of mentoring by an experienced, usually older colleague, is widely acknowledged, but just as important is the value of sharing experiences, knowledge and support within a peer group. Peer-to-peer collaboration, or peer mentoring, provides opportunities for networking, friendship, education and career development and advice. Formal groupings and networks often exist locally in the form of student or postdoc societies. The Young Endocrinologists of the Society for Endo...