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Endocrine Abstracts (2014) 35 P400 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.35.P400

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Impact of Impaired Fasting Glucose on Blood Pressure and Vascular Risk Profile of Normotensives and Untreated Hypertensive Subjects

Jose Carlos Fernandez-Garcia 1 , Carmen Maria Cortes-Salazar 2 , Lourdes Blanca-Martos 3 & Pedro Aranda-Lara 3

1Endocrinology Department, Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital, Malaga, Spain; 2Primary Care Center El Palo, Malaga, Spain; 3Hypertension Unit, Nephrology Department, Carlos Haya University Hospital, Malaga, Spain.

Objective: To evaluate possible differences in 24 hours blood pressure (BP) and vascular risk profile (VRP) of normotensive (NT) and untreated hypertensive (UHT) patients with normoglycemia (NG) or Impaired Fasting Glucose (IFG).

Design and methods: From 9.812 nondiabetic subjects taken from the Spanish ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring) Registry, we compared 24-h BP and VRP differences between patients with NG [n-6,875 (43.3% NT and 56.7% UHT)] and those with IFG [n-2,937 (39.9% NT and 60.1% UHT (mean diagnosis:1.5±1 years)]. All patients underwent 24-h ABPM, and, after clinical and biochemical study, their vascular risk was stratified according to 2003 ESH Guidelines.

Results: Anthropometric differences between NG/IFG subjects: mean age 51/54 years, males 43.5/46.9%, BMI 27.5/29 kg/m2, waist circumference males 97/101, females 90/95 cm (all P<0.001). Associated vascular risk factors (%): obesity 45.7/48.3, central obesity 35.3/46.2, dyslipidaemia 29.8/45.7, smoking 17.6/19.5. Target organ damage: left ventricular hypertrophy 1.6/2.2, albumin/creatinine ratio >30 mg/g 6.6/8.4, carotid atherosclerosis 0.7/1.2 (all P<0.001). Associated clinical diseases NG/IFG subjects: 8/9.9, high plus very high cardiovascular risk 22.1/31%. Mean ABPM values (mmHg): no significant differences between any diastolic BP. Mean Systolic BP (NG/IFG subjects): 24 hours 127.8/129.8; Daytime 131.7/134.5, Nighttime 116.8/118.7, Non Dipper pattern 30.2/42.5% (all values P<0.001 for IFG patients).

Conclusions: Normotensive and newly untreated hypertensive with IFG have significantly higher levels of systolic BP, percentage of non-dipper pattern as well as a worse CV risk profile than normoglycemic subjects. Therefore, IFG could be considered as an independent vascular risk factor when stratifying NT and UHT individuals.

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