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16th European Congress of Endocrinology

Prize Lectures and Biographical Notes

The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture

ea0035gh1 | The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture | ECE2014

Did the hand, then, of the potter shake?

Grossman A

Pituitary adenomas are not rare, with a prevalence of around 1/1000 population. However, their pathogenesis has defied decades of careful study. Many groups including our own have shown a plethora of changes within these tumours, with silencing, often epigenetic, of many tumour suppressors, suggesting activation of a pro-proliferative programme. However, apart from the Milan group’s Gsp mutation in somatotrophinomas no single mutational oncogenic event has been demonstrat...

ea0035gh1biog | The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture | ECE2014

Geoffrey Harris Prize Winner

Grossman Ashley

This prestigious prize is intended for established workers in the field of basic and clinical neuroendocrinology and is generously supported by Ipsen. This year’s recipient is Prof. Ashley Grossman. The prize will be presented as part of the ECE 2014 opening ceremony where Prof. Grossman will deliver his lecture. Prof. Grossman will also deliver two other lectures at future ESE scientific meetings. Further information can be found at <a href="