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16th European Congress of Endocrinology


Brown Adipose Tissue

ea0035s27.1 | Brown Adipose Tissue | ECE2014

White, brown, and pink adipocytes: the extraordinary plasticity of the adipose organ

Cinti Saverio

Adipocyte is a parenchymal lipid-rich cell contained into a multi-depot organ. White adipocytes store energy, brown adipocytes burns energy for thermogenesis. A third type of adipocyte appear in the adipose organ of females during pregnancy and lactation: pink adipocyte. Pink adipocytes produce and secrete milk.The adipose organ is provided with an extraordinary plasticity because during cold exposure increase the brown component to satisfy the thermogen...

ea0035s27.2 | Brown Adipose Tissue | ECE2014

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ea0035s27.3 | Brown Adipose Tissue | ECE2014

Brown adipose tissue: the wholy grail of metabolic disease

Heeren Joerg

The activation of brown adipose tissue (BAT), the primary organ for adaptive heat production, confers beneficial effects on adiposity, insulin resistance, and hyperlipidaemia. Recent findings indicate that BAT in human adults might consist not only of classical brown adipocytes but also inducible brown adipocytes (also called beige or brite adipocytes), which are phenotypically distinct from both white and brown adipocytes. However, it remains unclear whether these beige adipo...