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16th European Congress of Endocrinology


Long term outcome of cured pituitary patients

ea0035s11.1 | Long term outcome of cured pituitary patients | ECE2014

Long-term outcome of ‘cured’ patients: acromegaly

Biermasz Nienke

Active acromegaly is associated with considerable morbidity and increased mortality. Multimodality treatment of acromegaly is nowadays effective in the vast majority of patients and consequently survival of acromegaly has improved/normalized.Nevertheless, significant chronic physical and psychological complaints persist in the long-term follow-up after cure of acromegaly and quality of life in patients has reported to remain significantly reduced despite...

ea0035s11.2 | Long term outcome of cured pituitary patients | ECE2014

Quality of life in patients with non-functioning pituitary adenomas

Capatina Cristina , Christodoulides Constantinos , Fernandez Alberto , Cudlip Simon , Grossman Ashley , Wass John , Karavitaki Niki

Non-functioning pituitary adenomas (NFA) are associated with significant morbidity. Published data on the quality of life (QoL) of NFA patients are scarce and conflicting: some studies indicate a reduced QoL in patients with adequately treated NFAs while others demonstrate that subjective health-related QoL is not compromised to any major extent compared to the general population. Most published studies indicate specific subgroups of patients which are particularly affected, w...