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16th European Congress of Endocrinology


Thromboembolism and contraception

ea0035s15.1 | Thromboembolism and contraception | ECE2014

Epidemiology of sex steroid-related thromboembolism

Plu-Bureau Genevieve , Hugon-Rodin Justine , Gompel Anne

Venous thrombosis is a common disease, with an annual incidence of 1–4/1000 persons. Before menopause its incidence is low and strongly increases with age. Combined hormonal contraceptives (COC) increased the risk of VTE. COC use explains a substantial part of VTE among childbearing-aged women and VTE is the most important determinant of the benefit/risk profile of hormonal contraceptive. The increase in thrombotic risk is the highest the first year of COC use and third g...

ea0035s15.3 | Thromboembolism and contraception | ECE2014

The view of the gynecologist on thromboemboembolism

Lidegaard Ojvind

Aim: Individual compliance, thrombotic risks, and relief of menstrual complains are the three main components determining hormonal contraceptive choices. The aim of this survey was to see how these terms influences choices in different age groups.Material and methods: Literature survey.Results: Women generally comply well with different types of hormonal contraceptives. A minority may have trouble taking one tablet a day, and other...