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17th European Congress of Endocrinology

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Abstract withdrawn....

ea0037ep1349 | Endocrine nursing | ECE2015

The effect of self-administration of Ipstyl treatment on patients' lives: a qualitative study of patients with acromegaly

Hoei Henriette Brahe , Jensen Jonna Gintberg

In 2014–2015, a study of patients’ quality of life after training in self-management of monthly Ipstyl injections is implemented. These injections were previously given by their GPs. Inclusion criteria are described. Sample cuts across gender and age. Ten patients did not respond to mailed offers and 12 did not participate. The reason for this is only known to some of them. Six patients wanting training are invited to an introduction of self-management of Ipstyl and ...

ea0037ep1350 | Endocrine nursing | ECE2015

Continuous subcutaneous hydocortisone infusion replacement treatement in adrenal insufficiency – how to start the hydrocortisone infusion

Simunkova Katerina , Jovanovic Nevena , Rostrup Espen , Methlie Paal , Oksnes Marianne , Nilsen Roy Miodini , Henno Hanne , Tilseth Mira , Godang Kristin , Kovac Ana , Lovas Kristian , Husebye Eystein Sverre

Many patients with primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease) take extra doses of glucocorticoids before or during stressful events, but benefit has not been demonstrated. We aimed to test the effect of an extra dose of glucocorticoids on cardiorespiratory, hormonal and metabolic parameters in response to physical activity in a randomised placebo-controlled, 2-weeks cross-over, clinical trial ( NTC01847690). Ten women with Addison’s disease a...

ea0037ep1351 | Endocrine nursing | ECE2015

Offspring of nurses working on irregular shifts are more likely to be underweight and less likely to be obese compared with those working on a regular basis

Marasuna Oya Adsiz , Mousa Umut

Introduction: Like many other hospitals nurses work either on irregular shifts or on regular basis in our centre. Also their education levels differ among them. In this study we aimed to analyse some factors which may affect the children of female nurses’ adiposity.Subjects and methods: We included 100 children of female nurses on duty in our hospital. The ages ranged between 2 months and 17 years.Results: According to standar...

ea0037ep1352 | Endocrine nursing | ECE2015

Pegvisomant home care programme leading to rapid IGF1 control likely improves quality of life

Rutten Els , T'Sjoen Guy , Lapauw Bruno , Verroken Charlotte , Feyen Els

Background: Pegvisomant has demonstrated efficacy in attaining IGF1 normalisation in previously uncontrolled acromegalic patients. A home care programme improves treatment compliance.Aims: Evaluation of home educational program and quality of life (Qol).Methods: Multicentre observational study involving eight Flemish centres. Uncontrolled acromegalic out-patients were trained for daily subcutaneous pegvisomant injection at home by ...

ea0037ep1353 | Endocrine nursing | ECE2015

Level of knowledge about work accidents and competencies among nursing students

Kurti Floreta , Shpata Vjollca , Poshi Klodiana , Refatllari Brisilda , Gjyzari Albana , Biu Ermira , Cina Tatjana

Aim: The aim of the study is to identify the current level of knowledge of nursing students at the end of their studies in the Master’s degree about competence in general nursing, work accidents and competence of endocrine nurses in diabetes care.Methods: We had 673 nursing students enrolled in the study. They were all students at the end of their study in the master’s degree. 76% of the students were practicing nurses with more than 3 years of...