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17th European Congress of Endocrinology

ea0037oc11.1 | Obesity | ECE2015

Central resitin infusion impairs FGF21/FGFR1/β-Klotho hypothalamic expression and promotes peripheral FGF21 resistance: involvement of resistin/TLR4 signalling pathway

Benomar Yacir , Amine Hamza , Gertler Arieh , Taouis Mohammed

FGF21 has recently emerged as a major regulator of metabolism and energy utilisation. FGF21 administration confers multiple metabolic benefits on insulin sensitivity, blood glucose, lipid profile and body weight in rodents and primates. FGF21 acts through a receptor complex consisting of FGF receptors (FGFR 1, 2, 3 or 4) and a co-receptor βKlotho (KLB), crucially required for FGF21 signaling. Although FGFRs are widely expressed, KLB is predominantly expressed in adipose t...

ea0037oc11.2 | Obesity | ECE2015

Serum glypican-4 levels and its association with cardiovascular risk predictor in women with polycystic ovary syndrome and healthy controls -- pilot study

Milewicz Andrzej , Kuliczkowska-Plaksej Justyna , Lenarcik-Kabza Agnieszka , Trzmiel-Bira Anna , Hirnle Lidia , Zaleska-Dorobisz Urszula , Lwow Felicja , Laczmanski Lukasz , Kolackov Katarzyna , Sloka Natalia , Jedrzejuk Diana

Glypican-4 (Gpc-4) is novel adipokine interact with insulin receptor and affects insulin sensitivity in proteoglycans. Gpc-4 serum levels show gender differences; females having higher levels than men, what can suggest mediation by sex hormones. We investigated serum Gpc-4 levels and its association with cardiovascular risk predictors in women (20–35 years old) with PCOS (n=62) and healthy control (n=43) presented different sex hormones profile. The foll...

ea0037oc11.3 | Obesity | ECE2015

microRNA profiling of H295R cells following stimulation of aldosterone production: a bioinformatic study

Razak Nur Izah Ab , MacKenzie Scott , Diver Louise , McBride Martin , Davies Eleanor

Inappropriately high secretion of aldosterone can lead to hypertension and its various cardiovascular consequences. We previously showed that microRNA (miRNA) plays a significant role in the regulation of aldosterone biosynthesis. In this study we measured miRNA levels in H295R cells, the most commonly-used human adrenocortical cell line, and investigated how these change in response to the stimulation of aldosterone biosynthesis.H295R cells (n=...

ea0037oc11.4 | Obesity | ECE2015

Unacylated ghrelin and its analogue AZP-531 suppress ghrelin induced fat accumulation and feeding behaviours in high-fat diet fed male rats

Scholte Jan , Scheurink Anton , Abribat Thierry , Julien Michel , Themmen Axel , van der Lely AJ , Delhanty Patric

The peptides acylated and unacylated ghrelin (AG and UAG) are produced predominantly in the stomach. AG is the only known circulating orexigenic hormone with obesogenic and insulin-desensitising properties. Recent evidence suggests that UAG can inhibit these activities of AG. To investigate potential inhibitory effects of UAG and AZP-531, a UAG analogue, on AG-induced appetite and obesity we used an established rat model of diet induced obesity. Animals were fed a high-fat die...

ea0037oc11.5 | Obesity | ECE2015

Preliminary analysis of the PRIMAVERA Study: reduxine safety monitoring in patients with alimentary obesity

Dedov Ivan , Melnichenko Galina , Romantsova Tatiana , Zhuravleva Marina

Background: The SCOUT trial showed that sibutramine produced weight loss with some increased cardiovascular morbidity but not mortality. But these results should not be extrapolated to a routine practice as a lot of the SCOUT participants had contraindications for sibutramine. In order to summarise data on efficacy and safety of sibutramine administration in routine clinical practice according to approved indications and to implement risks monitoring system in Russia, PRIMAVER...