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43rd Meeting of the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes


Late effects of cancer treatment

ea0039ep77 | Late effects of cancer treatment | BSPED2015

Impact of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation with total body irradiation on apparent bone mineral density in childhood leukaemia survivors

Wei Christina , Elson Ruth , Cox Rachel , Bradley Karin , Stevens Michael , Crowne Elizabeth

Background: Reduced bone mineral density (BMD) z-scores from Dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry (DEXA) have been reported in childhood HSCT survivors. However, BMD z-scores are unreliable in patients with short stature.Objective: To investigate the influence of HSCT/TBI on size-corrected BMD in childhood leukaemia survivors.Method: Post-pubertal leukaemia survivors (16–26 years) treated with HSCT/TBI (10–1...

ea0039ep78 | Late effects of cancer treatment | BSPED2015

Endocrine sequelae beyond 10 years in survivors of medulloblastoma: comparison of three major treatment regimens

Uday Suma , Murray Robert , Picton Susan , Chumas Paul , Raju Midhu , Chandwani Manju , Alvi Sabah

Introduction: Improved survival following treatment for paediatric medulloblastomas has resulted in increased incidence of late effects, particularly endocrine sequelae. The complete picture of late effects, however, has been limited by short duration of follow up.Aims 1: To establish the evolution of endocrine sequelae in patients treated for medulloblastomaAim 2: To compare the prevalence of endocrine dysfunction among three majo...