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Androgens 2016

Androgens Biannual Meeting 2016

Hormone and Disease

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Androgens and cardiovascular diseases

Maggi Mario

Observational studies have consistently shown a relationship between low testosterone (T) and a higher cardiovascular (CV) risk profile. However, it is still obscure whether reduced T levels in the elderly play a direct pathogenetic role in the stratification of CV risk, or if CV diseases (CVD) and low T are concomitant conditions, both associated with the aging process. Much evidence supports both of these possibilities. In the meanwhile, recent reports in the scientific and ...

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Effects of long-term testosterone therapy on obesity, glycaemic control and other features of the metabolic syndrome

Saad Farid

Epidemiological studies show a high prevalence of hypogonadism in men with obesity, type 2 diabetes and other components of the metabolic syndrome. Restoring physiological concentrations of testosterone in hypogonadal men by long-term testosterone therapy of 5 years and longer has resulted in substantial weight loss and meaningful improvement of glycaemic control. Blood pressure was reduced and lipid pattern improved. The longer the observation time in real-life studies, the m...