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Society for Endocrinology BES 2016

Brighton, UK
07 Nov 2016 - 09 Nov 2016

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07 Nov 2016 to 09 Nov 2016 Brighton, UK Further information

Plenary Lectures

Society for Endocrinology Starling Medal Lecture

ea0044pl3 | Society for Endocrinology Starling Medal Lecture | SFEBES2016

Breaking NAD+: Vitamin B3 salvage and metabolism in metabolic health

Lavery Gareth

NAD+, as well as its phosphorylated form NADP+, are best known as electron carriers and co-substrates of various redox reactions essential to the cellular processes of energy metabolism and biosynthesis. Dynamic changes in NAD+ availability can trigger sensors, such as the protein deacetylase sirtuin enzymes, to adjust cellular and tissue physiology in response to changes in nutrient availability and energy demand. These signalling processes consume NAD+ and release nicotinami...