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Society for Endocrinology BES 2016

Brighton, UK
07 Nov 2016 - 09 Nov 2016

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Exposing the sins of our fathers (and mothers)

ea0044s9.1 | Exposing the sins of our fathers (and mothers) | SFEBES2016

Maternal nutrition around conception and its influence on fetal development and adult health

Fleming Tom

The early embryo before implantation, in addition to undergoing the intrinsic steps of morphogenesis, demonstrates external Â’awarenessÂ’ of environmental conditions in particular maternal nutritional quality. These nutritional cues are used to optimise the developmental programme for long-term survival, a form of developmental plasticity. Thus, maternal protein restriction exclusively during mouse preimplantation development with normal nutrition thereafter and postna...

ea0044s9.2 | Exposing the sins of our fathers (and mothers) | SFEBES2016

Epigenetic mechanisms in the transgenerational transmission of disease risk – myth or reality?

Drake Amanda

Although development is a highly organised and tightly regulated process, the developing embryo is sensitive to environmental influences, resulting in pathophysiological changes which may increase the risk of later cardio-metabolic, neurobehavioural and reproductive disorders. We have shown that prenatal overexposure to the synthetic glucocorticoid dexamethasone (Dex) in rats reduces birthweight in the first generation (F1) and leads to hypertension and insulin resistance in t...