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44th Meeting of the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Oral Communications

Oral Communications 1- CME

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Pan hypopituitarism – Is it secondary to brain tumour and its treatment?

Arya Ved Bhushan , Spoudeas Helen

A 10-year old boy presented with 12-months history of headache, vomiting, declining school performance and change in behavior. There was no visual disturbance. Neurological examination was normal. Weight and height were between 50thβˆ’75th centile. CT head showed a large, partly calcified mass in the sellar region with acute hydrocephalus. Dexamethasone was immediately commenced and care was transferred to the neurosurgical centre.<p class="abstex...

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Lysinuric protein intolerance: A cause of secondary IGF-I deficiency with raised growth hormone levels and osteoporosis

Cottrell Emily , Mushtaq Talat

A 7.7 year old girl born to consanguineous was assessed for poor growth; height βˆ’3.2 SDS, weight βˆ’2.7 SDS, BMI βˆ’0.8 SDS. Examination revealed chubby cheeks, abdominal obesity, relatively thin limbs and a suggestion of mid-face hypoplasia. There was no scoliosis or other dysmorphic features.Investigations found a 46XX karyotype and negative coeliac screen. Pituitary function testing revealed high basal Growth Hormone (GH) of 6.5 ug/l, ri...