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44th Meeting of the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Oral Communications

Oral Communications 8- Diabetes

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Coeliac disease screening in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus: Is it time for a new approach?

Makaya Taffy , Patel Sejal , Duckworth Eleanor

Objectives: Recently updated NICE guidelines (2015) on coeliac screening for children with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) recommend just one initial screen for coeliac disease (CD) at the time of T1DM diagnosis and thereafter only if symptomatic. This is in contrast to the recommendation for on-going annual screening for autoimmune thyroid disease (ATD). Our unit has historically performed annual screening for both ATD and CD. Our study aimed to establish whe...

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The role of DNA hydroxymethylation in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Lyall Marcus , Thomson John , Cartier Jessy , Cameron Kate , Hay Dave , Meehan Richard , Drake Amanda

Introduction: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has become the most common form of chronic liver disease in children in association with the increasing prevalence of obesity. The underlying mechanisms are incompletely understood, however the accumulation of cholesterol and fatty acid lipotoxins plays an important role. 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) is an epigenetic modification generated from 5-methylcytosine (5mC) by the Ten-eleven translocase isoenzymes (Tets). Tet ...

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Comparison of Insulin sensitivity measures between overweight and obese children and adolescents of South Asian and White Caucasian ethnicity

Shenoy Savitha , Sundaram Premkumar , Greening James , Tziaferi Vaya

Background: WHO has recommended that adults of South Asian (SA) ethnicity need to have lower body mass index (BMI) cut-off to define overweight and obesity compared to White Caucasians (WC). The background for this is the increasing evidence that obesity-related morbidities are much higher at a lower BMI among SA compared to WC adults.Objective: The aim of our study was to evaluate differences in measures of insulin sensitivity amongst children and adole...

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Effect of weight loss on Resting Energy Expenditure in pre- and post-pubertal obese children

Peacock Amanda , Mushtaq Talat , Alexander Erin , Truby Helen , Greenwood Darren , Russo Vince , Yau Steven , Werther George , Sabin Matthew

Background: In obese adults, caloric restriction leads to a reduction in energy expenditure, and it is this compensatory adaptive down-regulation that is cited as one of the causes of weight regain in adults. There are currently insufficient data to establish if this phenomenon also occurs in obese children who lose weight and whether puberty affects this adaptive response.Objective: We hypothesised that obese children who lose weight have less ‘ref...

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Biomedical outcomes of weight loss associated with intragastric balloon therapy supported by a life style programme in severe adolescent obesity

Sachdev Pooja , Reece Lindsey , Copeland Rob , Thomson Mike , Natarajan Anuja , Wales Jerry , Wright Neil

Background: Severe obesity in childhood is associated with significant morbidity including systolic hypertension, fatty liver, obstructive sleep apnoea, dyslipidemia and type 2 diabetes. Evidence that even small changes in BMI SDS bring about significant clinical benefit is strong.Objectives: To assess the impact of weight loss associated with intragastric balloon therapy supported by a life style programme on biomedical outcomes (glucose metabolism, blo...

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Is abuse associated with adolescent overweight and obesity?: A population cohort study

Hawton Katherine , Norris Tom , Crawley Esther , Hamilton-Shield Julian

Background and Objectives: Abuse in childhood is associated with obesity in adult life. However, little is known about the relationship between abuse and obesity during childhood or adolescence. The aim of this study was to investigate, using a birth cohort study, whether there was an association between pre-adolescent child abuse and overweight and obesity in later childhood. We hypothesised that abuse and obesity may be associated.Methods: Using data f...

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Clarifying the natural history of human insulin receptoropathy

Johnston David , Bulger David , Harris Julie , Semple Robert

Background: Insulin resistance is the reduced responsiveness of the body to the glucose-lowering activity of insulin. It is usually associated with obesity, but in a minority of patients, this is not the case. Single gene mutations can often be found in such patients, some of which affect the insulin receptor (INSR). There is a spectrum of genetic insulin receptoropathies. These can be considered as two groups. One group comprises rare, severe, autosomal recessive disorders: D...