Endocrine Abstracts (2017) 49 EP1102 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.49.EP1102

The relation between sex hormones and sexual function in women with Turner syndrome

Ruta Kriksciuniene, Birute Zilaitiene, Justina Sematonyte & Rasa Verkauskiene

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Objectives: To evaluate sexual function in women with Turner syndrome (TS) in the relation with sex hormones.

Methods: The study was undertaken in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. 65 women with genetically confirmed TS (18–45 years) were enrolled and compared with 65 age-matched healthy controls. Sexual function was evaluated using The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). Risk for sexual dysfunction was defined as FSFI score ≤ 26.55. BMI, waist-hip ratio (w_h), concentrations of estradiol (E2), testosterone (T), sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) were evaluated. TS patients were divided into 3 groups: natural estrogens users (NE2), combined oral contraceptives users (COCs) and untreated (no_E).

Results: 38% (n=27) TS had sexual intercourse and filled out FSFI. 33% (n=9) of TS and 42% (n=25) of controls were at risk for sexual dysfunction (P>0.05). No difference in FSFI score depending on karyotype (classic or mosaicism) was found. No significant relation between age, BMI, w_h, E2, T, SHBG concentrations, duration of E2 use and FSFI domains in TS patients was detected. 41% (n=11) of TS used NE2, 26% (n=7) were on COCs and 33% (n=9) were in no_E group. NE2 or COCs users had higher total FSFI score (25.36±9.10 vs 17.89±13.62; P=0.008) and reported better lubrication (4.60±1.84; P=0.031), satisfaction (4.83±1.72 vs 3.20±2.57; P=0.008), pain (4.67±1.69 vs 2.97±2.46;=0.03) during sexual intercourse compared with no_E. NE2 users had better desire (3.81±1.36 vs 2.01±2.15,=0.005), lubrication (4.58±1.78 vs 2.35±2.48; P=0.014), arousal (4.03±1.63 vs 2.37±2.33; P=0.009), orgasm (3.85±1.86 vs 2.20±2.37; P=0.05), satisfaction (4.54±1.81 vs 2.71±2.83; P=0.001), pain (4.90±1.73 vs 2.26±2.46; P=0.011) and total FSFI score (25.74±9.33 vs 14.09±14.38; P=0.001) when compared with COCs users.

Conclusion: Sexual function in TS did not differ compared with controls. Higher FSFI score was found in E2 users compared with untreated patients and in NE2 users compared with COCs users.

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