Endocrine Abstracts (2017) 49 EP490 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.49.EP490

Casuistic from Endocrinology Medical Consultation at Clinica Girassol 2015

Domingos LIRA, Anselmo Castela, Gertrudes Béu & Francisca Silva

Clinica Girassol, Luanda, Angola.

Introduction: There are few studies either hospital bases or population based in Africa and in Angola we also have the same situation regarding endocrinology data. With this paper, the Angolan Society of Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism (SAEDM), wants to contribute to the systematic and continued study of endocrine pathology in Angola.

Objective: Study of the casuistic of endocrine pathology in ambulatory setting regarding the year 2015.

Methods: Compilation of data obtained from medical notes files from the ambulatory appointments available in digital and physical support. Files with incomplete data or without prove or clinical-laboratory correlation have been discarded. We designed the distribution of patients according to the pathology, or group of pathologies at the respective frequencies as per sex and age group. Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity have been considered as specific pathologies. Thyroid diseases have been included in the same entity considered as Thyroid Pathologies and the others in a group classified as Other Endocrine Pathologies. Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity (including overweight) were profiled according to the WHO criteria; Disturbances of Thyroid have been established obeying to the ultrasonography criteria or to functional anomalies.

Results: We worked with a pool of 1630 processes (files) related to patients that had endocrine pathology. Ninety one (5.58%) were incomplete. Therefore were excluded because had not confirmation data of endocrine disease. The validated files (1539 files) could be distributed as follows: 1159 (75.3%) corresponding to Diabetes Mellitus, 156 (10.1%) corresponding to Pathologies of Thyroid, 85 (5.5%) corresponding to Obesity and 139 (9.0%) classified as Other Pathologies. Distribution per sex: 794 (51.6%) were women and 745 (48.4%) men. The distribution of pathologies per sex: Diabetes Mellitus: 533(45.9%) women and 626 (54.1%) men; for Obesity: 56 (65.9%) women and 29 (34.1%) men and for Pathology of Thyroid we found 132 (84.6%) women and 24(15.4%) men.

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