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20th European Congress of Endocrinology

Barcelona, Spain
19 May 2018 - 22 May 2018

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ECE 2018, 19 - 22 May 2018; Barcelona, Spain

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A comprehensive map of splicing alterations in small cell lung cancer

Eyras Eduardo

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is the most aggressive form of lung cancer as it lacks known targets of therapy. 5-year survival is only 5% and patients quickly develop therapy resistance by yet unknown mechanisms. The lack of advances is also related to the fact that SCLC is not part of the ICGC or TCGA cancer genomics projects, and patient material is hard to obtain. SCLC presents frequent amplifications in genes of the MYC family, which are known regulators of splicing factor...

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Reprgrammin strategies to obtain functional endocrine units; focus on the adrenal cortex

Guasti Leonardo

Primary or secondary adrenal insufficiency (AI) results from adrenal failure or impairment of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, respectively. In both cases, the cortex fails to secrete sufficient amounts of glucocorticoids and adrenal androgens, but in primary AI the clinical consequences of aldosterone deficiency make this a more lethal condition. The most frequent cause of primary AI is autosomal recessive congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), which results from defects in en...

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3D visualisation of the HPG axis in mice and humans

Giacobini Paolo

Histology has been a golden tool for biological research for decades. Nevertheless, whole organ histology is extremely time and resource consuming and most of the time impossible due to the distortions and lack of algorithms to correctly align thousands of sections. Light sheet-based microscopy is an important, innovative tool that offers nondestructive optical sectioning of selectively stained thick tissues at a spatial resolution between that of micro MRI and confocal micros...

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Circulating miRNAs in endocrine tumours

Igaz Peter

The discovery of microRNAs (miRNAs) as the endogenous mediators of RNA interference was a major event in contemporary biomedical research. miRNAs were shown to be involved in the regulation of gene expression affecting several basic physiological and pathological processes as parts of the epigenetic machinery. Differential expression of tissue miRNAs were described in several diseases including tumours. In tumours, up- and down-regulated miRNAs can be classified as oncogenes o...

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