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46th Meeting of the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

Birmingham, UK
07 Nov 2018 - 09 Nov 2018

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Birmingham, UK - 7-9 November 2018

Oral Communications

Oral Communications 3

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Serial overnight growth hormone profiling in diagnosing growth hormone excess in McCune Albright Syndrome

Amin Nadia , Mushtaq Talat

Introduction: McCune Albright syndrome (MAS) is characterised by at least 2 of 3 features: polyostotic fibrous dysplasia (FD), café-au-lait skin pigmentation and autonomous endocrine hyperfunction. Growth hormone excess if present (GH) can worsen symptoms of FD.Case report: A 3 year old girl presented with vaginal bleeding. A single café-au-lait patch was present (3 cm). A diagnosis of MAS was made, with a c.601>T mutation found in the GNAS...

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Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (HUS) – a rare cause of diabetes

Alghanay Alghanay Abubaker , Leach Paul , Jain Shikha , D'Souza Nirupa , Vereschinsky Alissa

HUS is a condition well known to have multi-systemic effects. Whilst the predominant organ to be affected is the kidneys, it is also well recognised that the pancreas can be affected during the acute phase of the illness, causing a transient diabetes mellitus. Less well documented, however, is that HUS has been linked to long-term diabetes, with patients developing insulin deficiency, years after contracting HUS. We report on the case of a twelve-year-old girl who developed in...