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Society for Endocrinology Endocrine Update 2019

Clinical Update

Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary

ea0062wa1 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

A rare case of diabetes insipidus and breathlessness…

Andrabi Syed Basharat , Bano Gul

Langerhans cell (LCH) histiocytosis occurs in 1 per 560,000 adults with variable manifestations. It has a high rate of misdiagnosis due to its variable presentation and rarity. It is even more rare that it presents with simultaneous and multiple endocrine dysfunction early in the course of disease. We report a case of Langhans Cell Histiocytosis in an adult male presenting with central Diabetes Insipidus, Hypergonadotrophic Hypogonadism and pulmonary disease. A 36 year old mal...

ea0062wa2 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Hypopituitarism due to Hypothalamic-Pituitary sarcoidosis- an index event of a systemic condition

Khan Haider , Creely Steven

We report a 38 years old male who was referred to the endocrine clinic with 3 months history lethargy, lack of libido and reduced shaving frequency. He was previously fit and well with no past medical history however he and his wife has been trying for pregnancy for 2 years. He didn’t smoke, has no history of opioids use and drink 10 units of alcohol a week. His investigation showed panhypopiturism with profound low serum testosterone of <0.5 nmol/l (8.33–30.19),...

ea0062wa3 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

A case of Isolated left Abducens Nerve paresis and Pituitary macroadenoma

Yasin Zeeshan , Cox Jeremy

A 64 years old female presented with frontal headache and sinusitis like features. Later she got double vision when she woke up in the morning. No eye pain or vision loss. No weakness in the limbs. No neck pain. On examination: BP, heart rate and other observations within normal limits. No postural hypotension. Diplopia on left lateral gaze, very limited abduction of left eye. Other cranial nerves intact. Normal visual fields. No signs of Cushing’s. No motor or sensory de...

ea0062wa4 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Pineal Gland Tumor presenting with Panhypopitutarism & Diabetes Insipidus

Rehman Shoib Ur , Sharma Vivek , Amjad Wajiha , Wallace Tara , Swords Francesca

21 year old man presented to the emergency department with hypotensive shock. He had been seeing the GP with complains of poor appetite, intermittent vomiting, increased thirst and postural dizziness for the last 6 months. Previous medical history included tonsillitis, gastritis and learning difficulties. The working differential was severe gastroenteritis with hypovolemic shock, and so he was given immediate fluid resuscitation. He remained hypotensive, and so was given empir...

ea0062wa6 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Recurrence of Pituitary Apoplexy in non-functioning pituitary adenoma

Jagannatha Hema , Parfitt Vernon , Bradley Karin

79 year old gentleman was reviewed as new patient in the Endocrine clinic. He was diagnosed with Pituitary Apoplexy of a Non-functioning Adenoma in 1998. He was under surveillance and the tumour remained relatively stable with no complications until 2008.Surgical history: There was a gradual increase in the size of the adenoma over 5 years. He underwent Transphenoidal adenectomy in Feb 2014 as the tumour was draped over the optic chiasm. Intra-operativel...

ea0062wa7 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Opioids - yet another cause for Adrenal Insufficiency

Rajgopal Ranjith Kumuda , Kumar Mohit , Tymms James

Opioids –Yet another Cause for Adrenal Insufficiency. Opioid prescriptions have almost doubled in the last decade in the UK. Opioid related hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is a well-recognised clinical entity. Opioid therapy as a cause of adrenal insufficiency is an under-recognised endocrinopathy with potentially lifethreatening adverse effects. We present the case of a 57 year old lady referred to the endocrine clinic with symptoms of generalised fatigue and weakness. Her...

ea0062wa8 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Pituitary apoplexy in a non-functioning pituitary adenoma: A case of favorable outcome in conservative management approach

Wijesinghe Achini , Sinha Saurabh , Newell-Price John

Introduction: Pituitary apoplexy presents as a medical emergency, and usually occurs in people with pituitary macroadenomas. Immediate multidisciplinary expertise and timely intervention is needed to mitigate the associated morbidity. There is controversy regarding the role and the timing of neurosurgical intervention versus conservative management approach to obtain best visual and endocrine outcomes. Here we present a case of a man presenting with pituitary apoplexy and mana...

ea0062wa9 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Non-functioning pituitary adenoma with pituitary apoplexy

Montebello Annalisa , Mangion Jessica , Vella Sandro

A 60-year-old gentleman known to suffer from atrial fibrillation (on warfarin therapy), hypertension and beta-thalassemia trait presented to the endocrine clinic for follow-up of hypothyroidism for which he was started on levothyroxine by his general practitioner about 2 years before. Serial thyroid function tests revealed a progressive reduction in thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels in the setting of a decline in free thyroxine (fT4) levels. The patient denied any histo...

ea0062wa10 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Abnormal TFTs - a macro-cause for concern

Khalid Neelam , Sharma Aditi , Zaman Shamaila , Todd Jeannie

Prolactinomas are the most common hormone-secreting pituitary tumors. They typically present with hypogonadism, decreased libido, infertility, and gynaecomastia in men. We present an interesting case of a 44-year-old gentleman who was referred to our endocrine clinic for ‘abnormal thyroid function tests’ with a low T4 despite a normal TSH (TSH 2.01, T4 7.5, T3 3.9). He reported a few years’ history of increasing weight gain and lethargy, generalized aches and pa...

ea0062wa11 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | EU2019

Parasellar meningioma: an insidious impersonator

Mifsud Roberta , Cachia Mario J. , Gruppetta Mark

The patient is a 45 year old gentleman known case of HIV seropositivity (well-controlled, undetectable viral load) and polycystic kidney disease, who was referred to our Endocrine clinic by the Infectious disease specialists in view of a 4 year history of erectile dysfunction (ED – preceded diagnosis of HIV) and a low testosterone level. During the first consultation, the patient reported occasional lethargy and long term nausea which was attributed to his retroviral trea...