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22nd European Congress of Endocrinology

05 Sep 2020 - 09 Sep 2020

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Europe's leading endocrinology congress showcasing the very best in the study and treatment of endocrine disorders.

ea0070oc5.1 | Thyroid | ECE2020

TSH-Independent upregulation of thyroid-specific gene expression in dehal1 knockout mice

Alikhani Pouya , Gonzalez-Guerrero Cristian , Liao Xiao-Hui , Borsò Marco , Peluso Teresa , Zucchi Riccardo , Refetoff Samuel , Moreno Jose Carlos

Background: Most thyroid specific genes are transcriptionally regulated by TSH-TSHR signalling and T4-driven negative feedback of TSH secretion at the pituitary. However, local autoregulation of transcription has been described from IGF-IGFR, follicular thyroglobulin, or iodine. We aimed to investigate the TSH dependency of thyroid transcriptional regulation in the Dehal1 knockout, devoid of iodide-recycling capacity from iodotyrosines.Methods: ...

ea0070oc5.2 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Overtreatment of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma: a snapshot from the italian thyroid cancer observatory

Ramundo Valeria

Background and Aim: The incidence of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (mPTC) has dramatically increased in the last decades. The majority of these tumors remain small and clinically silent, only small number progress. Clinical practice guidelines currently suggest avoiding the cytological examination of subcentimeter nodules and reducing surgeries for mPTC. Several risk factors have been identified as strongly associated with a high-risk phenotype for mPTCs (e.g. gross nodal m...

ea0070oc5.3 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Acute pancreatitis associated with methimazole treatment: A retrospective analysis of administrative health databases conducted in the Piedmont Region, Italy

Caputo Marina , Pecere Alessandro , Sarro Andrea , Zibetti Angelica , Marzullo Paolo , Aimaretti Gianluca , Barone-Adesi Francesco

Purpose: Methimazole (MMI) is a widely used antithyroid agent for first-line treatment of hyperthyroidism. A warning has been recently issued by the European Medicine Agency (EMA) regarding a potential increased risk of acute pancreatitis (AP) in MMI users, based on evidences from published case reports and post-marketing surveillance. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between MMI treatment and the diagnosis of AP in drug users.Mat...

ea0070oc5.4 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Drug repurposing identifies inhibitors of the proteostasis network to augment radioiodine uptake in combinatorial approaches targeting thyroid cancer

Read Martin , Brookes Katie , Fletcher Alice , Thornton Caitlin , Alshahrani Mohammed , Khan Rashida , Nieto Hannah , Adcock Holly , Webster Jamie , Cox Liam , Alderwick Luke , Boelaert Kristien , Smith Vicki , McCabe Christopher

New combinatorial drug strategies are urgently needed to improve radioiodine (RAI) uptake and efficiently ablate thyroid cancer cells, thereby reducing the risk of recurrent disease. Drug repurposing offers the promise of identifying already approved compounds capable of inducing sodium iodide symporter (NIS) function to enhance iodide uptake. However, a lack of thyroid cell-based assays amenable to high-throughput screening has limited progress. We utilised the mutated yellow...

ea0070oc5.5 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Thyroid dysfunction induced by immune checkpoint inhibitors is associated with a better progression-free-survival and overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer: an original cohort study

Thuillier Philippe , Joly Claire , Roudaut Nathalie , Crouzeix Geneviève , Descourt Renaud , Kerlan Véronique

Objective: Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) are used for treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and are associated with immune-related adverse events (irAEs), especially thyroid dysfunction. Few studies found an association between thyroid dysfunction and response to Nivolumab in the NSCLC The objective of this retrospective cohort study was to investigate the association between the occurrence of thyroid dysfunction in patients treated with Nivolumab for a NSCLC an...

ea0070oc5.6 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Patients with APECED have increased early mortality due to endocrine causes, malignancies and infections

Borchers Joonatan , Pukkala Eero , Mäkitie Outi , Laakso Saila

Context: Autoimmune polyendocrinopathy–candidiasis–ectodermal dystrophy (APECED) is an autoimmune endocrinopathy with severe and unpredictable course. Previous studies have reported increased mortality in patients with APECED. However, the impact of APECED on mortality has not been previously determined.Objective: To systematically study overall and cause-specific mortality in patients with APECED. Design and Setting: A follow-up study of Fin...

ea0070oc5.7 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Triiodothyronine (T3) use in hypothyroidism and effects on cancer and mortality

Planck Tereza , Hedberg Fredric , Calissendorff Jan , Nilsson Anton

Background: The prescription of triiodothyronine (T3) for hypothyroidism is increasing worldwide, however, long-term effects of its use are largely unknown. Previous studies have suggested possible association between T3 use and breast cancer. The aim of the study was to examine the effects of T3 use on cancer incidence and mortality.Material: Our sample included the full adult population of individuals living in Sweden with at least three purchases of t...