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UKI NETS 18th National Conference

ea0072oc1 | Oral Communications | UKINETS2020

Identification of soluble immune checkpoint receptor landscape in liver metastases of neuroendocrine neoplasms: A new perspective for immunotherapy

Doornebal Ewald , Harris Nicola , Riva Antonio , Pizanias Michail , Phillips Sandra , Zen Yoh , Sticova Eva , Prachalias Andreas , Menon Krishna , Zamalloa Ane , Preziosi Melissa , Heaton Nigel , Eaton Simon , Ramage John , Williams Roger , Palma Elena , Srirajaskanthan Rajaventhan , Chokshi Shilpa

Accumulating evidence suggests that the immunological landscape plays a key role in the progression of neuroendocrine liver metastases (LM-NENs), which is often characterised by immune cell infiltration. Anti-tumour functions of infiltrating lymphocytes are often silenced through hyper-expression of inhibitory checkpoint receptors (CRs) such as PD-1, but favourable outcomes with anti-PD-1 therapy have been low. Recently, functional soluble (cell-free) CRs beyond PD-1 have been...

ea0072oc2 | Oral Communications | UKINETS2020

COVID19 & My Care: NCUK community experience

Jervis Nikie , Bouvier Catherine

Background: March 2020 saw the UK enter lockdown in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The impact on healthcare availability and resources was immediate.To better understand the impact these events had on the Neuroendocrine Cancer community – NCUK undertook a snapshot consultation.Methods: During May–June 2020, 366 Neuroendocrine Cancer patients across the UK completed an online survey, disseminated via social media and the NCUK patient ...

ea0072oc3 | Oral Communications | UKINETS2020

OMIC gene cluster evaluation amplifies the prognostic accuracy of the NETest

Kidd Mark , Kitz Alexandra , Drozdov Ignat , Modlin Irvin

Background: The NETest is a multi-gene assay comprising 51 circulating neuroendocrine tumor specific transcripts. The quotient of the 51-gene assay is based upon multi-algorithmic data analysis. Eight cancer hallmarks or ‘omes’ (apoptome, epigenome, growth factor signalome, metabolome, proliferome, plurome, secretome SSTRome) represent 29 genes. The NETest is an accurate diagnostic (>90%) but its prognostic utility has not been assessed. In this study, we describe ex...