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European Congress of Endocrinology 2021

22 May 2021 - 26 May 2021

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The European Congress of Endocrinology provides a global platform for the international endocrine community to discuss the latest advances in the field.

Oral Communications

Oral Communications 5: Thyroid

ea0073oc5.1 | Oral Communications 5: Thyroid | ECE2021

Identification of iodothyronine deiodinase 2 inhibitors among FDA-approved drug library using high throughput screening

Frädrich Caroline , Renko Kostja , Wiese Niklas , Fischbach Anja , Seyffarth Carola , Neuenschwander Martin , von Kries Jens Peter , Köhrle Josef

BackgroundDevelopment and application of novel drugs frequently fail due to adverse changes of TH-levels or thyroid histology in animal experiments. Such effects potentially arise from interference with thyroid gland function or key regulators of local thyroid hormone (TH) transport, metabolism and action. Deiodinases are key enzymes in TH in-/activation, with impact on development, cell differentiation and energy metabolism among other physiological pro...

ea0073oc5.2 | Oral Communications 5: Thyroid | ECE2021

Use of thyroid hormones in hypothyroid and euthyroid patients: A 2020 THESIS* questionnaire survey of members of the Danish Endocrine Society (*Treatment of hypothyroidism in europe by specialists: An international survey)

Riis Kamilla Ryom , Froelich Jacob , Hegedüs Laszlo , Negro Roberto , Attanasio Roberto , Nagy Endre , Papini Enrico , Perros Petros , Bonnema Steen J.

PurposeThe standard treatment of hypothyroidism is levothyroxine (LT4), which is available as tablets or soft-gel capsules in Denmark. This study aimed to investigate Danish endocrinologists’ use of thyroid hormones in hypothyroid and euthyroid patients.MethodAn e-mail with an invitation to participate in an online survey investigating practices about substitution with thyroid hormones was sent to all me...

ea0073oc5.3 | Oral Communications 5: Thyroid | ECE2021

Derivation of thyroid progenitors from human induced pluripotent stem cells

Posabella Alberto , Undeutsch Hendrik J. , Alber Andrea Brigitta , Hollenberg Anthony N. , Kotton Darrell N.

Despite the availability of synthetic thyroid hormone for therapeutic use, a significant number of patients with hypothyroidism do not feel well on replacement doses of thyroid hormones suggesting that better individualized therapy is needed. For this reason, hypothyroidism resulting from congenital lack of functional thyrocytes, surgical tissue removal, or gland ablation, represents a particularly attractive endocrine disease target that may be conceivably cured by transplant...

ea0073oc5.4 | Oral Communications 5: Thyroid | ECE2021

The ablation of thyroid nodule’s afferent arteries before radiofrequency ablation: preliminary data.

Offi Chiara , Garberoglio Sara , Antonelli Giovanni , Esposito Maria Grazia , Brancaccio Umberto , Misso Claudia , D’’ Edoardo , Pace Daniela , Spiezia Stefano

Induced radiofrequency thermal ablation is cytoreductive treatment of symptomatic benign thyroid nodules, metastatic and recurrent thyroid tumors and papillary thyroid microcarcinomas. It is a safe and effective alternative to surgery and it allows to obtain satisfactory results in terms of volumetric reduction of the nodule with significant improvement in the quality of life. The trans-isthmic approach and the moving shot technique are the two basic techniques; however, an ad...

ea0073oc5.5 | Oral Communications 5: Thyroid | ECE2021

Role of miR-139–5p in radioiodine-refractory thyroid cancers

Pecce Valeria , Abballe Luana , Sponziello Marialuisa , Brunelli Chiara , Verrienti Antonella , Annunziata Salvatore , Grani Giorgio , Fadda Guido , Salvatori Massimo , Russo Diego , Durante Cosimo

Radioiodide 131I (RAI) is the therapy of choice for radioiodine-avid differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). However, 5–15% of DTC patients become RAI refractory (RAIR), and the 10-year survival rate for metastatic disease decreases to 10%. The failure of RAI response is mainly due to the loss of thyroid differentiation, that leads to the loss of expression/function of components of iodide metabolism, first of all the Na/I symporter (NIS). The finding that the MAPK pathway i...

ea0073oc5.6 | Oral Communications 5: Thyroid | ECE2021

Comparison of Simultaneous calcitonin washout and cytology procedure success in recurrent medullary thyroid cancer

Gökçay Canpolat Asena , Sahin Mustafa , Ceyhan Koray , Çorapçıoğlu Demet

BackgroundMedullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) accounts for 3–5% of thyroid cancers, but recurrent MTC, manifested by elevated calcitonin levels, is a common problem. We aimed to perform a calcitonin washout procedure simultaneously with cytological evaluation and compare their effectiveness to diagnose metastatic lymph nodes.Methods94 patients diagnosed with MTC were recruited from our institutional datab...