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Second International Symposium on Carcinoid Heart Disease 2021

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Long term follow-up of quadruple valve replacement for carcinoid heart disease

Mujtaba Syed Saleem , Shaw James , Clark Stephen

Introduction Carcinoid heart disease most frequently involves the tricuspid or, more rarely, the pulmonary valve and presents with right heart failure as 5-HT is metabolized by the lung. Left-sided valve involvement is quite rare. We describe our experience of 3 patients presenting with heart failure secondary to carcinoid heart disease affecting all four cardiac valves. There are only four previous isolated case reports in the literature. Methods All th...

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Carcinoid heart disease: Early outcomes after surgical valve replacement in thirteen patients

Mujtaba Syed Saleem , Chieng Hin Jeremy Ng , Clark Stephen

Aim To describe the early outcomes of carcinoid patients undergoing surgical heart valve replacement.Methods In a retrospective study, records of patients with symptomatic carcinoid heart disease referred for valve surgery between 2012 and 2021 were reviewed. The perioperative and early postoperative outcomes were analyzed.Results Thirteen patients, with a mean age of 64 years (range 55-79 years) underwent cardiac surgery for carci...

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Enhanced expression of the proinflammatory, profibrotic molecule, vascular adhesion protein-1 in carcinoid heart disease valves

Sagar V.M. , Neil D.A.H. , Liu B. , Barriuso J. , Manoharan P. , Patten D.A. , Lamarca A. , Valle J.W. , Steeds R.P. , Shah T. , Shetty S. , Weston C.J.

Introduction Vascular adhesion protein-1 (VAP-1) is a known driver of hepatic inflammation and fibrosis, with elevated levels detected in the circulation in disease. We studied the tissue expression of VAP-1 in midgut NETs and carcinoid heart disease (CHD) alongside circulating soluble VAP-1 (sVAP-1) to determine the role of VAP-1 in NETs.Methods Expression of VAP-1 and inflammatory and stromal markers in midgut NETs tissue, CHD valves and control valves...

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The real value of the NET CNS led specialist carcinoid heart disease service: Making it happen

Smith Stacey , Vickrage Suzanne , Kemp-Blake Joanne , Coldham Chris

Introduction The diagnosis of carcinoid heart disease (CHD) is often made late and the patients are often deconditioned, with symptoms of fatigue, weight loss and refractory carcinoid symptoms. The challenge is then to improve the patient's condition by an enhanced pathway of prehabilitation and interventions, in order to consider surgical and medical therapies that can improve the patient's quality of life and prognosis. In 2018 due to the complexity of patients and increased...

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Nutritional recovery is essential for successful management of patients with advanced carcinoid heart disease

Shah Husnain , Mair Reena , Arif Sayqa , Smith Stacey , Vickrage Suzanne , Kemp-Blake Joanne , Denham Samuel , Oelofse Tessa , Singh Harjot , Singh Stephen , Steeds Richard , Shah Tahir

Introduction Chronic heart failure is a catabolic state leading to cachexia in 5-15% of patients, predicting poor survival outcomes. Malnutrition affects 40% of patients with NETs and 58% with carcinoid syndrome (CS). Case 45M with severe carcinoid heart disease, on referral and admission was cachectic with BMI of 16, having lost 32 kg or 30% of body weight, meeting 50% of dietary requirements and at risk of refeeding syndrome. Nasogastric feeding (NG) w...