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44th Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association (ETA) 2022

Brussels, Belgium
10 Sep 2022 - 13 Sep 2022

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Oral Presentations

Oral Session 9: Thyroid Cancer Clinical

ea0084op-09-42 | Oral Session 9: Thyroid Cancer Clinical | ETA2022

Childhood papillary thyroid carcinoma: long-term postoperative outcome and prediction of recurrent disease in 189 patients consecutively treated at the mayo clinic during 1936 through 2020

Hay Ian , Kaggal Suneetha , Rivera Michael , Pittock Siobhan , Thompson Geoffrey

Objectives: Childhood papillary thyroid cancer (CPTC) often presents with advanced disease but rarely results in cause-specific mortality (CSM). Controversy remains regarding optimal management and association with non-thyroid second primary malignancies (NSPM). We analyzed outcome in 189 CPTC patients and assessed the influence of radioiodine remnant ablation (RRA) and the utility of the American Thyroid Association risk-groups (ATA-R) in predicting tumor recurrence (TR)....

ea0084op-09-43 | Oral Session 9: Thyroid Cancer Clinical | ETA2022

Novel somatic mutations in sporadic MTC (spMTC); clinical utility of NGS in precision medicine

Simeakis George , Romei Cristina , Ciampi Raffaele , Ramone Teresa , Saltiki Katerina , Elisei Rossella , Alevizaki Maria

Objectives: Distant metastases in MTC adversely affect disease prognosis. Somatic mutations in spMTC as well as Variant Allele Frequency (VAF) have been related to tumor burden, disease course and the response to TKIs. The aim of this study is to report three cases of nucleotide (nt) insertions/deletions (indels) in the RET oncogene in relation to disease course/response to TKIs.Methods: Of 195 spMTC patients followed-up in Dept. Clinical Therap...

ea0084op-09-44 | Oral Session 9: Thyroid Cancer Clinical | ETA2022

Dynamic risk stratification in long-term clinical outcome of papillary thyroid cancer patients

Valerio Laura , Maino Fabio , Dalmiglio Cristina , Brilli Lucia , Botte Monica , Dalmazio Gilda , Di Stefano Leonardo , Grazia Castagna Maria

Introduction and Objective: The initial assessment of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) patients is based on the American Thyroid Association (ATA) risk stratification criteria. Dynamic risk stratification (DRS) of DTC patients takes into consideration the response to initial treatment being reassessed at 1–2 years and revealed significant shifts in the risk categories of DTC patients. We aimed to evaluate the long-term outcome of papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) patients...

ea0084op-09-45 | Oral Session 9: Thyroid Cancer Clinical | ETA2022

The phenotype correlated with RET V804 germline mutation is characterized by the presence of medullary thyroid cancer alone

Romei Cristina , Ramone Teresa , Casalini Roberta , Ciampi Raffaele , Matrone Antonio , Cappagli Virginia , Bottici Valeria , Molinaro Eleonora , Elisei Rossella

Background: Genotype-phenotype correlations between various RET mutations and clinical manifestations of MEN 2 syndrome are well established. A discussion is still open if the FMTC phenotype really exists or if it is just a MEN2A variant. Aim of this study was to verify if the phenotype corresponding to the V804M germline mutation is restricted to FMTC.Methods: During the last 25 years, we have identified 200 families with a hereditary form of M...

ea0084op-09-46 | Oral Session 9: Thyroid Cancer Clinical | ETA2022

Interim outcome analysis of prospective ATA recurrence risk (RR) stratification for postoperative treatment and follow up of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC)

Wu Jiahui , Yang Hu Xun , Ghaznavi Sana , Kinnear Susan , Symonds Christopher , Grundy Peter , Parkins Vicky , Sharma Priyanka , Lamb Debbie , Khalil Moosa , Hyrcza Martin , Chandarana Shamir , Pasieka Janice , Harvey Adrian , Warshawski Joseph , Hart Robert , Deutschman Michael , Randall Derrick , Paschke Ralf

Objective: The 2016 ATA RR assessment recommendations for patients with DTC were based on retrospective studies. We present the first outcomes of a prospective assessment of thyroid cancer management according to the ATA RR stratification.Methods: Using the Calgary prospective thyroid cancer database, we identified 612 patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) treated at our centre between April 2017 and December 2021. Each case was reviewed by t...