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25th European Congress of Endocrinology

Istanbul, Turkey
13 May 2023 - 16 May 2023

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ECE 2023 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 13-16 May 2023. Istanbul is known for its rich culture, historical sites and dynamic nightlife, and we are excited to come together in this city, and look forward to meeting old friends, making new ones, and sharing science, collaborations and ideas.

Rapid Communications

Rapid Communications 11: Late Breaking

ea0090rc11.1 | Rapid Communications 11: Late Breaking | ECE2023

Immune checkpoint inhibitors and severe insulinopenic diabetes mellitus: A single center experience

Karov Ruti , Eldor Roy , Kolitz Tamara , Ehrenwald Michal , Feigin Eugene , Greenman Yona

Introduction: Severe insulinopenic diabetes (SID) is a rare complication of treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICPI). We describe herein the clinical characteristics, natural history and potential predictors of SID in cancer patients treated with ICPI.Methods: We identified and retrospectively retrieved pertinent clinical data of all patients who presented with new onset SID following treatment with ICPI between 2015 and 2022 at the Tel Aviv-So...

ea0090rc11.2 | Rapid Communications 11: Late Breaking | ECE2023

COVID-19 vaccination and Graves’ disease: A population based, matched case-control study

Gorshtein Alexander , Turjeman Adi , Duskin-Bitan Hadar , Leibovici Leonard , Robenshtok Eyal

Objective: Vaccination against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) an important component of coping with the pandemic. Anecdotal cases and case series reported an association between COVID-19 vaccination and the development of Graves’ disease. We used data from Israel’s largest health care organization to determine whether COVID-19 vaccination was associated with the incidence of Graves’ disease.Methods: We analyzed data from Clalit Health...

ea0090rc11.3 | Rapid Communications 11: Late Breaking | ECE2023

Mapping endometrial cell-type-specific disease signatures and endometrial organoids in polycystic ovary syndrome

Eriksson Gustaw , Li Congru , Risal Sanjiv , Pui Han-Pin , Torstensson Sara , Linden Angelica Hirschberg , Petropoulos Sophie , Deng Qiaolin , Stener-Victorin Elisabet

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) suffer from reduced fertility linked to implantation failure and miscarriage, as well as endometrial cancer, all associated with endometrial dysfunction. We hypothesize that cell-type-specific endometrial dysfunction in insulin-resistant and hyperandrogenic women with PCOS contributes to their endometrial dysfunction and that treatment aimed at improving insulin sensitivity and decreasing androgen excess has the potential to reverse ...

ea0090rc11.4 | Rapid Communications 11: Late Breaking | ECE2023

Treatment with osilodrostat in ACTH-independent Cushing’s syndrome

Stasiak Magdalena , Adamska Emilia , Lewinski Andrzej

Introduction: Cushing’s disease (CD) is the most common cause of hypercortisolism. Therefore, the majority of studies focused on the efficacy and safety of novel steroidogenesis inhibitors included CD patients only. This is exactly the case with osilodrostat – new potent inhibitor of 11β-hydroxylase. However, approximately 10% of hypercortisolism result from cortisol-secreting adrenal adenoma. Data on potential differences in the treatment with osilodrostat betw...

ea0090rc11.5 | Rapid Communications 11: Late Breaking | ECE2023

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery – Experience from a tertiary hospital

Urbano Ferreira Helena , von Hafe Madalena , Dias Helena , Goncalves Juliana , Rodrigues Teresa , Belo Sandra , Freitas Paula

Introduction: Maternal obesity is associated with an increased risk of gestational diabetes, large for gestational age (LGA) newborns, preterm delivery, congenital malformations, and fetal death. On the other hand, bariatric surgery before pregnancy is associated with a reduction of obesity-associated complications, but also with an increased risk of small for gestational age (SGA) newborns, fetal growth restriction and micronutrient deficiencies during pregnancy.<p class=...

ea0090rc11.6 | Rapid Communications 11: Late Breaking | ECE2023

Prognostic parameters of adrenocortical carcinoma. Single-centre confirmatory study of GRAS and S-GRAS scoring systems

Tőke Judit , Welsch Lilla , Benyei Erik , Sapi Zoltan , Borka Katalin , Huszty Gergely , Horanyi Janos , Balazs Eszter , Laki Andras , Kalina Ildiko , Uhlyarik Andrea , Igaz Peter , Toth Miklos

Introduction: Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a rare disease with a poor prognosis. In recent years, two prognostic scoring systems incorporating relevant clinicopathological features of ACC (ENSAT stage, grade, resection status, age at diagnosis, tumour symptoms) have been proposed: the GRAS and S-GRAS scoring systems. The prognostic value of these systems has been demonstrated in large, multicentre studies.Aim: To su mmarize the clinicopathological f...