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45th Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association (ETA) 2023

Poster Presentations

Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic

ea0092ps1-10-01 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Targeting interleukin-11 signaling, an emerging patholgical mediator in thyroid eye disease

Swaney James , Jun Toni , Elliott Eric , Lu Ivan , Geller Shira , Chai Merrick , Witherden Deborah , Arora Puneet , Silkiss Rona , King David

Objectives: Thyroid eye disease (TED) is considered a fibroinflammatory disease with pathology related to both inflammatory and fibrotic disease processes. IL-11 is a fibroinflammatory cytokine that is linked to tissue fibrosis of the lung, skin, heart, kidney and liver. Recently, IL-11 was identified as a possible disease modifier in TED. IL-11 levels are increased in TED patient plasma, in correlation with disease severity, and IL-11 stimulates phenotypic switching of orbita...

ea0092ps1-10-02 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Decreasing iodine intake among pregnant faroese women

Sofia Veyhe Anna , Johannesen Herborg , Hansen Solrunn , Petursdottir Johanna , Weihe Pal , Strom Marin , Andersen Stig

Introduction: Iodine is essential for thyroid funciton and severe deficiency adversely affects the developing brain. A raised and sufficient intake is particularly important during the pregnancy. Iodine sources include sea foods and sea salt, and it is available as a dietary supplement. The former was previously important to the Faroses diet but the intake of traditional Faroses foods is decreasing with at likely parallel influence on the iodine intake. Currently, there is no ...

ea0092ps1-10-03 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Characterization of anti-thyroglobulin antibodies epitopes in patients with hashimoto’s thyroiditis in areas with normal and excessive iodine intake

Casula Mauro , Viola Nicola , Migliorucci Benedetta , Nagayama Yuji , Horie Ichiro , Kawakami Atsushi , Kameda Hiraku , Nakamura Akinobu , Atsumi Tatsuya , Kameda Hiraku , Brancatella Alessandro , Sgro Daniele , Tosatto Laura , Santini Ferruccio , Coscia Francesca , Latrofa Francesco

Introduction: An increase in dietary iodine uptake, from insufficient to borderline values, induces the unmasking of a hidden epitope on thyroglobulin (Tg). No data about the effect of an excessive iodine intake on the expression of Tg epitopes recognized by human TgAb are available.Objective: To compare the expression of TgAb epitopes in sera of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT) patients from areas with adequate, slightly and markedly excessive iodine i...

ea0092ps1-10-04 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Nutritional iodine status & thyroid homeostasis in pregnant women from iodine-deficient environments in india

Chandola Asha , Semwal Jayanti , Tendi Snehlata , Kathait Atul , Ball Graham R. , Yadav Nikku , Agarwal Srishti , Uniyal Akanksha

Ample literature exists on thyroid functioning and adjustments in Iodine-sufficient pregnant women. But information from endemic-iodine zones is meagre. In this study we attempt to understand how the thyroid copes with the dual challenge of iodine deficiency posed by physiological status of pregnancy and that by Iodine-deficient environment.Objective: To compare TSH and FT4 profiles and their mutual correlation in iodine-deficient and iodine-sufficient s...

ea0092ps1-10-05 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

A relationship between thyroid disorders and chronic rhinosinusitis: a nested case-control study using national health screening cohort

Geun Choi Hyo , Jun Kim Tae , Kwang Hong Sung , Kim Heejin , Seob Lee Joong

Thyroid hormones influence other organs as well as nearly all parts of the human body, so thyroid hormone imbalance can cause diverse problems in the human body. Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is one of the most common diseases among patients visiting otorhinolaryngology clinics, and CRS can be divided into two different subtypes: CRS with nasal polyps (CRSwNP) and CRS without nasal polyps (CRSsNP). CRS and thyroiditis are common diseases related to autoimmune features; however,...

ea0092ps1-10-06 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Reference range of maternal thyroid hormones from rural himalayan foothills (TEHRI CLUSTER): a cross sectional study

Yadav Nikku , Chandola-Saklani Asha , Semwal Jayanti , Yadav Nidhi , Sharma Anita

Background: It is well established that during pregnancy, normal physiological changes occur concomitant with an enhanced metabolic demand for thyroxine/iodine. If dietary iodine intake is sufficient, normal equilibrium is achieved. With deficient iodine intake, the demand not being met, it is believed that pathological alterations occur leading to maternal thyroxineaemia and impaired growth and neurodevelopmental disorders in the offspring. However, there are very few studies...

ea0092ps1-10-07 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) polymorphisms may contribute to the genetic susceptibility to hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT), favouring the onset of the autoimmune disorder when exposed to pullutants

Ruggeri Rosaria , Minuti Aurelio , Donato Luigi , Aliquo Federica , Sidoti Antonella , Campo Salvatore , Cannavo Salvatore , D'Ascola Angela

Objectives: The interaction between genetic predisposing factors and environmental triggers is crucial for the development of HT. In last decades, the steady rise in frequency of HT in developed countries pointed to a strong influence of changing environmental factors, including increased pollution. Air pollutants, like dioxins and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are ligands of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR). This ligand-activated transcription factor, involved in pollu...

ea0092ps1-10-08 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Thyroid-Resident memory T-cells specific for SARS-COV-2 are enriched in patients with thyroid disorders related to covid-19

Carelli Elena , Silvestri Ylenia , Clemente Francesca , Moschetti Giorgia , Maioli Sara , Espadas de Aris Alejandro , Torelli Rosanna , Longhi Elena , De Feo Tullia , Salvi Mario , Mantovani Giovanna , Arosio Maura , Bombaci Mauro , Pesce Elisa , Grifantini Renata , Abrignani Sergio , Geginat Jens , Muller Ilaria

Objectives: SARS CoV-2 infections have been associated with the onset of classic subacute thyroiditis (SAT) or atypical SAT, observed in 10-15% of patients hospitalized for severe COVID19 disease (COV-A-SAT) and characterized by absence of neck pain, mild thyrotoxicosis associated with non-thyroidal illness syndrome and thyroiditis-like areas which may persist in the thyroid gland up to 12 months following SARS-CoV-2 infection, despite normalization of thyroid function. Little...

ea0092ps1-10-09 | Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic | ETA2023

Analysis of T- and B- lymphocytic infiltrate of target tissues in patients with graves’ disease and orbitopathy

Maioli Sara , Salvi Mario , Moschetti Giorgia , Crosti Mariacristina , Crivicich Erica , Di Marco Francesco , Rossi Giada , Curro Nicola , Dolci Alessia , Arosio Maura , Mantovani Giovanna , Dayan Colin , Geginat Jens , Muller Ilaria

Objectives: In Graves’ disease (GD) and Graves’ orbitopathy (GO) self-reactive lymphocytes escape immune tolerance, although the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. We aimed to characterize the immune signatures of target tissue-resident lymphocytes in relation to GD and GO.Methods: Lymphocytes were derived from blood and ultrasound-guided-fine-needle aspiration (US-FNA) of thyroid and neck lymph nodes (LNs) of the following patient...