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Society for Endocrinology BES 2023

Glasgow, UK
13 Nov 2023 - 15 Nov 2023

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SfE BES is the UK's leading endocrinology meeting. It will return to Glasgow in 2023.

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Long-term surveillance for endocrine sequelae after bone marrow transplantation

Mamoojee Yaasir

Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), also known as bone marrow transplantation, is a potentially curative therapy mainly indicated in malignant and non-malignant bone marrow disorders. It has resulted in improved survival for patients at the cost of long-term complications. Endocrine and metabolic disorders are the most prevalent sequelae following bone marrow transplantation, primarily caused by powerful conditioning chemotherapy associated with total body irradia...

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How do I follow up non-functioning pituitary adenomas in the long term?

Karavitaki Niki

Non-functioning pituitary adenomas (NFPAs) are benign tumours not associated with clinical manifestations of hormonal hypersecretion. Based on population studies, their prevalence ranges between 7 and 41 per 100,000 people with the number of incidentally detected NFPAs increasing over the last decades. They cause clinical manifestations when they are large enough to exert pressure effects to surrounding structures. The initial management of non-apoplectic NFPAs depends mainly ...

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How do I screen for NAFLD and its progression in patients with diabetes?

Tomlinson Jeremy

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), more recently renamed metabolic dysfunction associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD), is the most highly prevalent chronic liver condition and is associated with significant adverse outcomes, both through liver-specific morbidity and mortality, but perhaps more importantly, through adverse cardiovascular and metabolic outcomes. MASLD is a spectrum of disease, extending from simple steatosis, through to inflammation and fibrosis and ...

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