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ea0028p346 | Thyroid | SFEBES2012

Investigation of thyroglobulin antibody assay discordance

Pickett Alan , Jones Meinir , Evans Carol

Measurement of anti-thyroglobulin (TgAb) predicts interference in thyroblobulin (Tg) assays and is a tumour marker for differentiated thyroid cancer (dtc). However, there is poor concordance between methods. This is attributed to the nature of TgAb, the method and cut-off used. We have assessed concordance between three TgAb assays and investigated the cause of discordant results. TgAb was measured in sera from 606 different patients being treated for dtc using the Abbott Arch...

ea0025oc3.2 | Pituitary and thyroid | SFEBES2011

Determination of method-specific normal cortisol responses to the short Synacthen test

El-Farhan Nadia , Pickett Alan , Ducroq David , Bailey Catherine , Parham Kelly , Morgan Nicola , Armston Anne , Evans Carol , Rees Dafydd Aled

Introduction and aims: The short Synacthen test (SST) is used to diagnose underactivity of the HPA axis, with a cortisol response <550 nmol/l at 30 min widely accepted as diagnostic of adrenal insufficiency. Earlier studies of the SST have shown variation in cortisol concentrations measured by different immunoassays, suggesting the need for method-specific cut-offs. We sought to define the cortisol response to Synacthen in healthy volunteers (HV) and establish method-speci...