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ea0032p169 | Calcium and Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2013

Impact of vitamin deficiency and oF GH–IGF1 on cardiovascular risk in hypopituitaric patients

Savanelli Maria Cristina , Scarano Elisabetta , Vuolo Laura , Brunelli Vincenzo , Rubino Manila , Colao Annamaria , Di Somma Carolina

To determine a correlation between Vitamin D, GH, IGF1 and cardiovascular risk we enrolled. 41 GHD patients (22 M, 19 F, age 18–84 years) and 41 controls. In all we determined: anthropometric parameters, blood pressure (BP), lipid and glucose profile, PTH, 25-OH-vitamin D, GH peak after GHRH+ARG, IGF1. Metabolic syndrome (MS) was evaluated by the IDF criteria.The vitamin D were lower in patients than in controls (21.3±12.3 vs 28.2±9.4, <em...