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ea0014p567 | (1) | ECE2007

Medial cerebral artery occlusion 25 years after cranial radiation therapy in acromegaly

Maffei Pietro , Martini Chiara , Barban Martina , Carli Marta , Manara Renzo , Scanarini Massimo , Mazzarotto Renzo , Meneghetti Giorgio , Menegazzo Carla , Mioni Roberto , De Carlo Eugenio , Vettor Roberto , Sicolo Nicola

Introduction: Epidemiological studies indicate that patients with acromegaly have increased mortality rates for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease (CVD). Potentials risk factors for increased CVD include hypopituitarism and cranial radiation therapy (CRT).Case Report: A 43-year-old acromegalic woman was admitted because of worsening headache, left lower facial numbness and left arm weakness. Two weeks later she developed a central palsy of the le...