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ea0038p314 | Pituitary | SFEBES2015

Biochemical assessment of disease activity in acromegaly; a comparison of single GH, GH day series mean, OGTT nadir and IGF-1 in 51 patients

Arun Kirupakaran , Powlson Andrew S , Chaudhry Afzal N , Halsall David J , Gurnell Mark

Background: Accurate assessment of GH & IGF1 status in acromegaly is crucial for informing management to minimise excess morbidity/mortality. Expert panels have differed with respect to recommended testing modalities and thresholds – the most recent being the Endocrine Society 2014 guidelines. We evaluated their simplified algorithm, which minimises the need for day-case testing, against other more resource-intensive measures.Methods: A retrospe...