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ea0049ep1112 | Female Reproduction | ECE2017

Biological activity mediated by sfingosine-1-phospate receptors in human primary granulosa cells and immortalized granulosa cell line in vitro

Casarini Livio , Fornari Giulia , Simoni Manuela , Poti Francesco

Introduction: Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) is a sphingolipid mediating proliferative signals in human ovarian follicles, acting through five receptors (S1PR1-5). We characterized the effects of S1PR1 and S1PR3 in vitro, as those mostly expressed in human primary granulosa cells (hGLC) and immortalized, tumor-like granulosa cell line (hGL5).Methods: The S1P-mediated signaling, as well as the activity of S1PR1- and S1PR3-specific agonists (SEW281...