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ea0035p201 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology & Lipid Metabolism | ECE2014

Low testosterone syndrome protects from major adverse cardiovascular events in subjects at high cardiovascular burden

Corona Giovanni , Ratrelli Giulia , Maseroli Elisa , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Introduction: The role of testosterone in cardiovascular (CV) health of men is controversial. Several data suggest that hypogonadism is associated with CV mortality but not morbidity. However, recent evidence shows that hypogonadal subjects treated with testosterone replacement therapy have a higher incidence of major adverse CV events (MACE). The aim of this study is to analyse whether the gonadal status might predict MACE incidence according to the previous history of MACE, ...

ea0032p657 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

Impaired masturbation induced erections: a new cardiovascular risk factor for male subjects with sexual dysfunction

Rastrelli Giulia , Boddi Valentina , Corona Giovanni , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Introduction: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is considered an early surrogate marker of silent, or even overt, cardiovascular diseases (CVD). However, epidemiological studies take into account only sexual intercourse-related erections. Although autoeroticism is a very common practice, data on masturbation-induced erections as a possible predictor of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) are lacking.Aim: To evaluate the clinical correlates of impaired mas...

ea0014oc7.4 | Reproductive endocrinology I | ECE2007

Capacitation and acrosome reaction in human ejaculated spermatozoa involve activation of a novel SRC tyrosine kinase

Varano Gabriele , Lombardi Adriana , Forti Gianni , Baldi Elisabetta , Luconi Michaela

Tyrosine phosphorylation of proteins is one of the main processes associated with the development of some specific functions of ejaculated human spermatozoa. Although this process, as well as the identity of the phosphorylated targets, has been well characterized, only few tyrosine kinases (TKs) have been identified so far. Moreover, their roles in regulating sperm functions are still unknown.In the present work, we report the presence and localization o...

ea0035p691 | Male reproduction | ECE2014

Clinical correlates of enlarged prostate size in subjects with sexual dysfunction

Corona Giovanni , Maseroli Elisa , Ratrelli Giulia , Vignozzi Linda , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Introduction: Digito-rectal examination (DRE) of the prostate is provides useful information on the state of prostate growth and on the presence of suspected peripheral nodules. The aim of this study is to describe the clinical and biochemical correlates of finding an enlarged prostate size at DRE in subjects with sexual dysfunction (SD).Methods: A consecutive series of 2379 patients was retrospectively studied. The analysis was focused on a subset of su...

ea0035p693 | Male reproduction | ECE2014

Seminal, ultrasound and psychobiological parameters correlate with metabolic syndrome in male members of infertile couples

Lotti Francesco , Corona Giovanni , Degl'Innocenti Selene , Filimberti Erminio , Scognamiglio Vittoria , Vignozzi Linda , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Introduction: Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a diagnostic category which identifies subjects at high risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, erectile dysfunction (ED) and male hypogonadism. However, MetS impact on male infertility has been poorly studied. We systematically evaluated possible associations between MetS and clinical characteristics in men with couple infertility.Methods: Out of 367 consecutive subjects, 351 men (36.0±8.0 years) wi...

ea0035p704 | Male reproduction | ECE2014

Current smoking is associated with lower ejaculate and seminal vesicles volume but higher testosterone levels compared to no-smoking in males of infertile couples

Lotti Francesco , Corona Giovanni , Maseroli Elisa , Rossi Matteo , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Introduction: Smoking habit has always been considered to exert a detrimental effect on male reproductive health. However, several studies do not clearly demonstrate a negative effect of smoke on semen parameters. In addition, the effect of smoke on male genital tract has been poorly studied by ultrasound (US). We evaluated the correlations of smoking with seminal and US characteristics in males of infertile couples. Methods. A consecutive series of 426 men was systematically ...

ea0032p648 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

Characterization of sumoylated proteins in human sperm

Marchiani Sara , Ricci Beatrice , Tamburrino Lara , Muratori Monica , Cambi Marta , Nosi Daniele , Forti Gianni , Baldi Elisabetta

SUMOylation is a post-translational protein modification involved in the regulation of essential cell functions. Our group found several SUMO-1 and SUMO-2/3ylated proteins in human ejaculated spermatozoa (Marchiani et al. 2011). We showed that SUMO-1 is mainly present in live spermatozoa and the percentage of SUMOylated spermatozoa was inversely correlated with total and progressive motility. SUMOylated proteins are mainly located in the nucleus and in the midpiece. T...

ea0032p653 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

Metabolic syndrome correlates with prostate volume and biochemical and ultrasound signs of prostate inflammation in male members of infertile couples

Lotti Francesco , Corona Giovanni , Vignozzi Linda , Rossi Matteo , Maseroli Elisa , Gacci Mauro , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Introduction: The impact of metabolic syndrome (MetS) on male infertility has been poorly studied. We recently reported that MetS is associated with hypogonadism, poor sperm morphology and testis ultrasound inhomogeneity. However, the possible associations between MetS and prostate-related symptoms and signs are still lacking.Methods: Out of 351 subjects without genetic abnormalities previously evaluated for couple infertility clinically and by scrotal u...

ea0032p656 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

CATSPER calcium channels in human spermatozoa and their role in responsiveness to progesterone (P)

Tamburrino Lara , Marchiani Sara , Cambi Marta , Muratori Monica , Forti Gianni , Baldi Elisabetta

CATSPER is a family of sperm-specific calcium channels activated by P in human spermatozoa (Lishko et al. 2011, Strunker et al. 2011). KO mice for CATSPER are infertile due to severe defects in sperm motility.We studied the involvement of CATSPER in human sperm motility and P responsiveness.Western blot analysis with an anti-CATSPER1 antibody demonstrated the presence of three major bands corresponding to CATSPER1...

ea0032p658 | Male reproduction | ECE2013

PSA as a marker of testosterone biological activity

Rastrelli Giulia , Corona Giovanni , Maseroli Elisa , Monami Matteo , Mannucci Edoardo , Forti Gianni , Maggi Mario

Objective: To verify whether, in a large sample of male subjects seeking medical care for sexual dysfunction (SD), prostate-specific antigen (PSA) might represent a reliable marker of testosterone bioactivity, even downstream to its receptor binding.Design: Cross-sectional study.Methods: A consecutive series of 3156 patients attending our Unit for SD studied. Among them, only subjects without history of prostate disease and with PS...