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ea0013p233 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour (including pituitary) | SFEBES2007

Co-cultures of pituitary lactotrophs and folliculostellate cells stimulates connexin 43 expression: a novel role for the nucleoside adenosine

Lewis Barbara , Francis Karen , Pexa Annette , Deussen Andreas , Scanlon Maurice , Rees Daffyd , Ham Jack

Folliculostellate (FS) cells within the anterior pituitary gland produce cytokines and growth factors which are regulated by molecules produced by neighbouring endocrine cells. There are many factors that could potentially be responsible for this intercellular communication that is mediated via connexins (Cx) and gap-junctions. We thus investigated the effect of co-culturing lactotrophs (MMQ) and FS cells (TtT/GF) on Cx43 expression. Our in vitro model system consists o...