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ea0073yi4 | Young Investigator Awards | ECE2021

Use of 11C-methionine PET-CT scanning to guide management of acromegaly following primary therapy – A pragmatic prioritisation strategy to achieve maximal cost effectiveness

Rajan Roby , Bhatt D , Philip S , Graveling AJ , Kamel M , Olson S , Mckiddie F , Gillett D , Bashari W , Gurnell M , Abraham P

Background11C-methionine (11C-Met) positron emission tomography co-registered with MRI is a new imaging technique used for functioning pituitary adenomas, permitting targeted intervention (Transphenoidal Surgery (TSS) or Radiotherapy)1. The 11C-Met PET-CT scan has been available in our centre since Dec 2016. With limited availability in 2019/2020 (due to cyclotron refurbishment) we re-audited our patients to prioritise th...